Cheering for Victory in Jesus

Woohoo! It’s a victory day in Christ Jesus! Oh, that devil dude is always out there wanting to knock ya down and I just want to encourage your hearts today, saints not to let him win! Take captive your thoughts in obedience to Christ and as far as it concerns you, live at peace with all! If you have questions about where that devil dude is working, confront it and do what ya can to silence his accusations! Ruh, ruh, ruh – in Jesus, we are more than conquerors and nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus! So, what I am saying is seek to have ya big ‘ole slice of peace pie by praying about where you are being attacked and confront it! Do your part to be a peacemaker and claim His Word as victory. That is how Jesus did it! Oh, it is soooooo sweet in life to take in what is of our Father! Jesus found victory that way. Jesus desires to give us victory and I’m a gal seeking it with ya! “Tis soooo sweet to trust in Jesus! Trusting Him with ya today and oh, He just makes me smile!!!!!!

P.S. Please pray for my dear brother as he is going in for surgery right now for repair of his shoulder and elbow!!!! Prayer brings the victory and I know he sooooo appreciates you for praying!!!!!! Woohoo! Oh, I already said that! Sorry if I get overly excited!  I do sooooo get thrilled about Jesus and victory in Him!

“Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives.” John 14:27

Sweet Peace Pie

Hammock of Peace

Peace Not Like the World

You Have Been Gifted

Today is a great opportunity for you and for me! Did you know that the God of the Universe has given YOU the greatest gift you can ever receive? Imagine the excitement of that – someone handing you the best gift you could ever imagine – “For me, you might say?” Yep! It is just for YOU! God has gifted you because He loves you and wants your best in forever life with Him! Given that, would you unwrap it or leave it wrapped up and sitting in a box of unopened opportunity? The greatest gift you can ever receive is Jesus and in trusting in Him as your Savior, here are the contents of the gift you are receiving:

  • All your sins are forgiven, past, present and future
  • You become a child of God
  • You receive eternal life in His paradise Kingdom called heaven, personally invited to have a meal at the table of the King Jesus Himself and live with Him forever in all His glorious richness!
  • You are delivered from the devil’s domain and transferred into the Kingdom of Christ
  • The Holy Spirit of God comes to dwell in your heart.
  • You become a new creation in Christ powerful to overcome an old sinful nature
  • God declares you holy, righteous and without accusation
  • You begin a love relationship with the God of the Universe – Jesus
  • God completely accepts you with unfailing, unconditional love

How awesome is all of that! All of us have opportunity to choose today our today and our future! What a blessing is freedom and victory from sin and death that is already ours? Greater beyond is that while our Father has a great plan and purpose for our lives, we have opportunity to meet Him half way by choosing to walk with Him through life on the road of His purpose for each of us! Part of that is choosing to believe what He says about you. His has put His great name on you and labels with greatness! The awesome divine opportunity is also there to be a part of a grand universal plan that makes a difference for today through all of eternity! Now those both sound like great choices to me, how about you? You have been handed a great gift of opportunity – will ya unwrap it, will ya use it, or will ya pass on it and miss out on an eternity of blessing? Oh, I soooo want to be receive His blessings and be a blessing in life, too! The door of opportunity in your life and mine is being knocked upon, thumped upon and banged upon and I’m a gal answering that door because I get to. How about you? In answering, it brings the “woohoo” in life to you, heaven and many! Now that thought just makes me smile and leap with joy! Will ya woohoo for Jesus with me? Please say YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Oh, it’s gonna be FUN!

“Listen, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” Revelation 3:20

Answer Door of Opportunity?

Greatness in You

Hi, family! It’s a woohoo day again today! Everyday is a woohoo day with Jesus in life! Jesus calls all those who have faith in Him redeemed and He lives smack dab in each of our hearts! He is the greatest One in all the Universe and through our faith in Him, we’ve got Him every second of every day! He is One class act and each one of us have His greatness present in us and greater indeed is He who lives in us than anything in this world! Now how exciting is that to go through today with knowing! Yeppers! We can each claim His power for conquering victory in life today because of Jesus with us! Now that thought just makes me smile!!! May you enjoy the greatness of His sweet, unfailing, unconditional love for you today and this song here is another fun tune that just makes me wanna clap my hands and dance around the room with excitement about doing life with my King! Got it all today with my Father, how about you? Love to ya’s! Share His greatness with othes!

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

Jesus in Your Heart


Zapped By the Light

I chuckle tonight as I reflect upon my Father’s Word. Today at Christ Community Church, Pastor Joel Walton spoke about the Apostle Paul and how he had a heart for the Gospel of grace through faith that Paul was so zealous to share. That was not always true of his life! I have often been amazed and razzle dazzled by the power of God before in pondering the radical change that Jesus made in the life of the man Paul. Paul at one point was a man on the loose and charging head on into life in one direction – bent on destroying Christians when lo and behold “zap!” He was zapped with the light of Jesus that was sooooo brilliant that it blinded him temporarily and the voice spoke very clearly and powerfully to Paul, so much so that it caused him to turn his life around and charge full speed ahead zealous as before, only this time in the opposite direction as before, this time doing everything he could do to love the Christians, bless them and encourage them! Now how awesome and divine is that and glory be to Jesus for that walking miracle of Paul ‘cuz he has sure made a difference in the lives of a lot of people, including mine! I have chuckled before at the cartoon thought of people watching someone charge full speed one way past them and then seeing that same person having divine revelation that changed their mind, turned their life around and with their zeal for the Lord go charging past them the other way full speed. Hee, hee! I imagine the people standing on the side lines watching and can imagine them thinking “wow” “what got in to him?” The answer is the grace of God! Nothing can change yer mind in life like a divine encounter with Jesus! He is powerfully amazing that way and I am thankful He is so! If yer tired of your life in one way, look upward to heaven, have a little talk with Jesus and ask Him to give you new revelation, new perspective and some joy and zeal to go along with it and He can have ya charged up and ready to go into life! He is known as a life fixer upper for sure! More than one person in this world has a story of God’s grace on their life to tell – in fact, everybody who has had an encounter with Jesus will tell ya the same! His light has been changing lives from generations past and is still doing so today! I have certainly seen the light of Jesus in many ways in my life and I just love to tell about how divine He is! Here is a fun little tune to end our night on by a man who lived awhile ago that got the message and he sings about it here – it just gets me all zealous, clapping and wanting to jump around with excitement about the life changing life of my Jesus! Yeehaw! If ya got Him with ya, rejoice! If ya want Him with ya as your Savior, just tell Him and then join right in with us! Nothing like the light of Him in all the world! Life with Him is an amazing daily exciting adventure! I recommend Him for everybody! Have a great night! Much love to ya all! Hard to not go through a day without a woohoo with Jesus!!!!

Jesus As Light


Jesus Makes You Shine






Both Feet of Blessing

There are two shoes that are key to stepping into success in life. Hear about them here:

Jesus' face

People Loving Each Other

Love God Love People

The Safe Life

New day greetings, family! It is a delightful divine day in the loving care of our Father, our Good Shepherd who sooooo longs to keep us well in His care! Now how sweet is He to want to look out after us and be sure we are safe! As His sheep, He just makes me want to go “Baaaaaa” that means “Abba, Father, thank you for caring for us as yours!” Oh doesn’t it just bless your heart to know that our Father is One who is soooo committed to you personally? He offers to us safe pasture land as He has written in His Word:

“Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.”

Sometimes the tempter can entice God’s sheep (us His people) that grass can look greener on the other side of the fence, but what he doesn’t let you know is that there are bitter grasses that look very green but will leave an awful taste later! Yikes! Now who would want to eat from that pasture? Dang! It makes me want to stay where my Father has put me, doesn’t it you? Oh, my Father, He deserves our praise and our number One loyalty because He is the One who sacrificed to purchase us from sin and death and He is the One who sustains us and has our backs always! Sooooo thankful and I’m a gal staying put where He has me today and worshipping Him today with this song below! Happy grazing where He has you, too! Enjoy the safety of His will for ya!

jesus looking at sheep