Forever Ours

It sure puts a great big grin on my face today as I reflect upon what my Father has shared with me today as I looked into His love letter to us (the Bible). His Word that reveals His promises to us as His kids brings such joy and peace to life.  I love His Words spoken here:

“Your statutes are my heritage forever; they are the joy of my heart.”

Psalm 119:111

Let’s zoom in on these words – our Father’s statutes, His Word that gives us His promises of hope and a good future that give us a secure life with Him are our heritage forever! Yippee! A heritage is something that is give to someone by reason of birth; an inherited lot or portion. Upon faith in Christ Jesus, we are born again as children of God, heirs of God and co-heirs with Jesus. So all that our Father promises us in His sweet Words to us are ours forever more. We can forever be secure in Him. Now how wonderful is that, beloved saints! Oh, it just fills my heart with great joy, just like the Psalmist knew back in his day! What was true of Jesus back then is true today and true for each of our tomorrows forever. Now how victorious is that! Oh, we win, win, win forever! Happy, happy, happy!!! Hope u’s happy, too!

Happy kids with happy Father – makes me happy!



One comment on “Forever Ours

  1. 🙂 this made all sorts of happy..

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