Of My Father

Who are you? Who am I? That is the question that the Apostle Paul came to grips with in His life and this was His conclusion of who He was:

“Paul, an Apostle, not from man, or a man through man, but through Jesus and God the Father who raised Him from the dead.”

The Apostle Paul saw himself not as a man’s man, a man-made Apostle or someone created by man, but He saw his identity as from Jesus as a man forgiven of his sins, a recipient of everlasting life and empowered by the Holy Spirit in Him through Jesus by God – the superb Father who created all things and raised Christ up in victory to be the Savior of Paul so that Paul could have the call of being an Apostle of Christ! Paul knew that he was an Apostle by God and that was his identity and that identity of who he was in Christ was the power of God’s knowledge revealed to him to give him his strength, his courage, his hope, his call, his source of being sustained, his source of provision and his boldness, his fullness of life! Now that is good confidence right there! Paul was a God’s man and that is why he had the full fruitful life of Paul, the son of God. Paul lived a life that was like none other because He lived out who he was as God’s unique man as a priority in life. When we seek first our Father’s Kingdom and His righteousness, then the divine life is given to us! Oh, that makes for the best choice in life, amen? I soooo believe in my Father and I’m a gal seeking my identity in who my Father has made me to be and going with that – it’s the best ‘cuz it’s of my Father! Seek our Father’s you for you, too! You’ll be glad you do!!! Others, too!

Galatians 1:1; Matthew 6:33; Philippians 2:13

Jesus Is There


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