Blessing in the Quiet

Do you have a hard time being quiet? If you are like me, I am a people person and it is exciting to be able to see people and talk with people and our Father certainly desires that we have those times as He is all about relationships, but He also desires the times when He can have us come to Him alone, quiet and without distractions so that we can rest our minds and hear His voice and His heart to us personally. Now how exciting is that, saints, to be able to hear the voice of the God of the Universe! During this time, He desires to prepare us for being with people. Jesus was notorious for being with lots of people and then slipping away for some time with His Father and then back out into the world again in the right time – when His Father had equipped Him to go! One time He spent 40 days out in the desert preparing His mind with victory! Then when He went, He was rested up, energized and prepared for the tasks and victorious! Wow! Was He ever!!!! It’s kind of like football, when the players are playing hard and then the coach calls them into a huddle to prepare their hearts for going back out into the game! There is good stuff talked about in those huddles and no team member would want to miss out on that time! So when our Father, our coach calls you into quiet time, celebrate the privilege and opportunity to be able to spend some time with Him! Jesus, our coach will always guide us for victory! He may keep you on the side lines for awhile, sending someone else into work in one spot while you work for the victory on the sidelines, but this is sure, He has a plan and purpose for you being where you are at this time! Trust that the coach, our Father is working things out great with good reason and a good purpose right now and for the future! Woohoo!!! I love the quiet times of hearing my Father, making plans with His guidance, resting and I love the going times when I am sent out as well! It’s all divine and our Father’s timing is perfect! Our Father may not change your plans at all during a life huddle with Him. He may use it as a time for just refreshing you, giving you rest and a time to focus on Him and reflect upon the blessings of life, or He may guide you in a brand new way as you are where you are! One thing for sure, He knows the divine way!!!! Oh, I’m a gal stepping gladly where my Father has me today! I am trusting in Him because I know He leads me divinely. He hears from the Holy Spirit directly and prays for us, His kids, by the Spirit and with our Father’s perfect will over you and me. Now how win, win, win, win, win, win, win, is all of life, whether we are being blessed in the going or being blessed in the quiet! Rah, rah, ree, Father’s plan be, whether it is A or it is B! Now that thought just keeps me smiling through all of life for me! Cherish all of life as it’s all good, all divine, all the time for thee!!!! Love and peace to you! Our Father’s got a good thing happening always!!!! Let’s go with it! Soooo love life always!!!!

“Before daybreak the next morning, Jesus got up and went out to an isolated place to pray.”

Mark 1:35

Rest in God's Love


images of football huddle

Jesus Listening to Girl


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