Riding God’s Power

As we ponder going into the world for our Father, it is important to not let our faith rest upon your own natural abilities, talents or skills, but rather resting our faith upon God’s power with us! It’s not literal, but kind of like riding a horse, i.e. we are invited to ride upon the horse of God’s provision to each of us uniquely of how to gallop down the road of life. God provides the type of horse and supplies the horse power under us. Yeehaw! Ride it cowgirl and cowboy!!! What passion of heart or giddy up go has He laid upon your heart in how to minister in this world? Perhaps it is to play music, perhaps it is to write, perhaps it is to evangelize, perhaps you ride things, fix things, perhaps it is to be a helper to others, perhaps it is to lead others. What color is your horse? Maybe you have a paint – multiple colors to your horse? The Apostle Paul had a heart to speak the Gospel and in that passion, he recognized His need for Jesus to be able to carry it out and when you look back upon Paul’s life, did he successfully get the job done? Yep! I can affirm that because he has made a difference in my life! Where is your passion in life to serve? Is God opening up a door for you to do so there? If the door is closing, ask Him to keep it open for you if that is where you are supposed to be. If not, you know it is not where you are to minister in life. The Apostle Paul said he was drawn to preach the Gospel in places where it was not already being preached. God placed a specific people group upon his heart and as a result many lives were changed because of it. Soooo excited that it all reached me!!! Now how exciting is the wonderful opportunity we have in life to ride God’s powerful horse of ability through the world where He wants us each to ride it, too! Pray and listen. What passions are laid upon you? Ask God to reaffirm it by opening up doors of opportunity for you to ride there or close the door on you riding there. If He closes the door, there is another place where you are to ride. Oh, riding through life with King Jesus is the best ride and He has a divine horse picked out just for you and me to straddle individually. This is for sure, the horse He will have us ride will be the one of His provision and it will be with His power to carry you where you are to go. It’s gonna be fun and its gonna be adventurous! Enjoy the ride! Hope to see ya on the divine trail!!!

“For it is God who works in you to will and act according to His good purpose.”

Philippians 2:13

Corral of Horses

Gymnast on a little horse

Horse in Ocean

Riding a Shark


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