The Divine Ride of Life

You are special and God thinks so much of you that He has chosen to ride through life in your heart! If you’ve ever dreamed of the riches of Jesus, you’ve got it, as with Him in our vessel of heart, that is what ya call going through life in the highest style with Jesus – the lamb of God with us cruising down the road of life! Hmmm. “Lambergini” comes to mind! Hee, hee! Woohoo! Now how divine and supernatural is that!!! Rejoice in the privilege that you have to ride through life next to the best!  Jesus is always with us and is always at the wheel to help us get through life just fine! We can have confidence today in who we are with Him with us, we can be assured at the present mile marker of life and every one we come upon with each tomorrow! He promises to never leave us nor forsake us! He is our divine, always-there friend who is ready to help us get where we need to be in life through every situation along the road! He will guide us around every pothole and obstacle successfully as we look to Him and He will lead us along the very best route to reach our destiny well! He will guide us at just the right speed and provide the fuel and all we need as we let Him drive us.  I am sooo thankful that He sought me out to have a relationship with me along this adventurous journey called life! He wants to have a fun adventurous cruise through life with you, too! I encourage you to climb in with the One who loves doing all of life with you – Jesus! Enjoy the ride of life with Him! It’ll be the best trip you’ll ever be able to take and you’ll end up in the land of His paradise at the end of the road whenever we get there!  Don’t miss out on it! Climb into a personal relationship ride with the King of kings and the Lord of lords!  Well, bye for now – on the roll with Jesus! Hope to see ya at the next stop! We will all have safe travels because Jesus has the wheel! Thankful and oh, that thought just makes me smile! Tah, tah!!!

Jesus said “I am the way, the Truth and the life.”

John 14:6


Jesus at the Wheel

God is Ahead of Us

Jesus on Dashboard

Road to Light

Roadmap for My Journey

Who's Your Daddy

Jesus Is Lord


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