God With Us

Good morning, precious family! Thanks for your patience as I have been doing lots of pondering and reflecting and reorganizing! I soooo love doing life with you here each day! Today, I am pondering how very blessed we all are to have the God of the Universe as our best friend in all of life! WOW! I can’t even imagine doing life without Jesus in my life! What a source of comfort, encouragement, wisdom, help, strength, courage, confidence and victory is He to us! You are very loved by Him and He is soooo for you and me, too! Now if He, the greatest One of all is for us, who can be against us? Step out into the world confidently being YOU! Do you ever feel unsure about going? One of the most powerful examples of God’s victory beyond Christ’s defeat of death on the cross for the sins of all people is the story of Moses going to the Pharaoh. Now Moses was one who was a brave man in many ways, but somehow when God asked Moses to go talk with the Pharaoh, it was something that Moses wasn’t real confident in. He wrestled with what God was asking of Him and God still told Him to go, but that He would also send a helper with Him – a man of God’s choosing named Aaron. Sometimes in speaking to others, we all need resources to help us. One of the best things you can do to have more confidence is to prepare for doing what God has called us to do. Even though God provided a help in Aaron to assist Moses, Moses was the voice to Pharaoh with God’s power with him in the going! It was God that helped Aaron to be the assistant to Moses as well! God told Moses that He who had made His mouth would help him and God also promised the victory would come as Moses was faithful to go. We all know how that story worked out victoriously! Woohoo! Oh, I sooo love how God gives power to His people to do the amazing as we step out to go where God asks us to go. He will lead us all step by step as we ask Him for each step of wisdom along the way and oh how exciting it is to see how He works it all out sooo perfectly wisely! My Father never ceases to razzle dazzle me with His brilliance and working behind the scenes to do the amazing supernatural stuff! He can work His power through us all, saints, to make us capable as we pray and step as He tells us! Let’s empower ourselves with prayer as we step out to go where our Father desires us to go in all of life! Yippee! Our future is already won – it is just a matter of praying us along the way there! I’m praying with you!!! I can’t wait to hear the stories in heaven of how our victories are won! It’s gonna be amazing and I can just see the great big smiles from ear to ear on the faces of God’s saints as they listen with big eyes at all the stories of triumph! Pray, try and God will provide the umph for the triumph!!! #stepoutbeYOU #theworldneedsYOU #YOUcandoit

“God said to Moses “Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.”

Exodus 4:12

Power of God's Sufficiency

God Reaching Down THru Prayer

Be Yourself


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