A Refreshing Drink

Have you ever been really thirsty from the heat and taken in a glass of cold water? I can assume your answer is yes because we all need water physically to live! As I ponder my Father’s word today, He reminds me of what a blessing His Word in our lives can be! It is the voice of the distant land of heaven coming down to earth, filling the crevices of need that our souls have and closing the gap between us and our Father’s Kingdom! Now how wonderful is that!!! Blessed are we to have that privilege!!! He describes it in His Word like this:

“Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.”

Proverbs 25:25

As we ponder this verse today, I ask you as I ask myself, where are you thirsty in life today? Where do you need to close the gap between your heart on it and our Father’s Kingdom insight? Let’s take the time to seek out His good news for that area of our lives, precious family! Let’s start with prayer, slowing down enough to hear His voice about it – what does His written Word say about it? Let’s seek godly counsel opinions if needed. Oh, it will be sooo refreshing to our souls to have those crevices of uncertainty filled with our Father’s living water! Here is a song that talks about Jesus as the fountain of life! Got time to slurp it in with me? Precious saint, our Father sooo desires that you be at peace in your heart! He gives in ways that are out of this world!!! I pray your soul finds His refreshment today! We are sooo blessed to have the resource of Jesus! Blessed kids we are! When Jesus refreshes me, oh, He just makes me smile!!!

Glass of Water

Jesus Living Water

Glass of Water 2


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