A Step Towards Contentment

Victorious greetings to you today, saints! This new day, my Father speaks to my heart about the blessing of contentment. In life, we can develop mindsets that drive us along roads of destiny. Sometimes those roads of destiny are divine and sometimes they can depart from the divine path. One mindset to keep in check is the thought that we always need to acquire more and better as it can drive us to places of discontent when the heart of our Father is to be content and thankful. That isn’t to say that we should never buy anything, as there are good reasons for buying things with what He provides us at the right times in life and for good purposes, but my Father encourages my heart today of the beauty of taking a step on purpose towards being content and thankful. Now how awesome would that feel to know that we are making a beautiful choice that speaks volumes not only in our own lives, but in helping others who are driven beyond healthy in the pursuit of having to have the best or better continually! Needs verses wants and motives are good things to ponder. Contentment can be captured when we explore these thoughts with good discernment of what is our Father’s best for us and others and with hearts of thanksgiving for what we have.  It is amazing how some people live in this world! When we look around, we can find lots to be thankful for! A purposeful step towards contentment can do wonders for finding rest and for improved relationships, too! The Apostle Paul said he “learned to be content.” That thought is interesting to me. To learn can be defined as to “acquire knowledge of or skill in by study, instruction, or experience.” Contentment is not a natural thing for most. It is something we must learn. May we all learn to find joy in our days with hearts full of thanksgiving and contentment and divine discernment in what drives us! The divine is a beautiful mindset and one that is healthy!!!  I am a gal stepping towards contentment as I ponder with ya! I have much I am thanking my Father for and know that my future days will be lived out based upon my mindset that I can begin to have control of today! Oh, precious family – I sooo desire the divine for us all as it will be the best! Much love to you!

“I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”

Philippians 4:12

Laid Back Frog

Smiiling in Life

Contentment isnt effortless

Contented is Rich

Great Gain in Contentment

Contentment Secret to Thankful

Never Let the Things You Want Rule



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