Waiting on the Lord

My Father speaks to me today of the secret to running and not getting tired, walking with Him and not being weary and mounting up with wings like eagles. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be an eagle way up in the sky, having all the distance from the heights to the ground in which you can fall, but yet they don’t fall? What sustains them? Are they self-reliant? No. However do they do that? We find the answer in this same passage in Isaiah 40:30-31 on how all of this is done – It says that these things are done for those who wait upon the Lord and that they gain new strength in Him as they wait upon Him. In other words, it is through God’s power that these things are done! It is in the waiting upon Him to act in bringing it all about that is key to soaring! In God’s perfect timing, things come together that are of Him! To hurry ahead of the Lord to work without Him if He has not yet come about would be to get there too soon, before His power and anointing arrives. Yikes! I’m a gal that don’t want to go there! If He isn’t providing, maybe it isn’t time yet! If there is lack, perhaps it is because we are trying to soar ahead without Him. If we are weary, are we working too fast ahead? Waiting for what is from Him – it brings the ultimate experience! Can we wait for the right time? Waiting can be hard, but waiting can be worth it!

“..the vigorous may stumble badly, yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength.”

What time is it in our lives? Time to go or time to wait? I am carefully praying over all these things in my life, too and sharing for how they might bless us both! Glad you are a saint that likes to pray over things and ponder our Father’s heart, too! How awesome is He!!! Wanting His best with ya! Let’s seek it together!!! Here is a song that reflects upon this these thoughts.

Isaiah 40:30-31

Eagles on Heights

Clocks and Calendars





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