Overflowing Woohoo!

New day greetings, precious saints! Oh, I’m sooo grateful that we have the opportunity to do another day of life together with our wonderful Father who loves us in this world and out of this world ways! Woohoo!!! How special is that to have His perfect unfailing, unconditional love with us always!!! I’m a gal thanking Him for our many blessings in life today and I can sooo relate to what He says in His Word to me today:

“Understanding is a fountain of life to those who have it.”

Proverbs 16:22

Fountain of Water

To have the understanding of how much our Father loves us, has already won victory for us to have forever life with Him and to give to us His robe of righteousness is His best plan for us and He is always working for us to help us all have victory in every step of life! That all is something to be joyful about for sure!!! It’s a woohoo, woohoo, woohoo day overflowing for me and I hope for you, too as you reflect upon how very much you are loved and cherished in this life and in His Kingdom to come about! Let’s let the fountain of that understanding overflow into our hearts today and fill our whole souls with the refreshment of His living water in us! Have a lovely, joy-full day! Much love to you!

Jesus in the Water

Here is a song to ponder and as we listen, let’s drink in His grace, love and peace as we begin our day! It’s gonna be a great day because Jesus is with us 24 x 7 – always near, never leaving us nor forsaking us! That thought makes me smile all day long!!!

God Brings Peace


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