The Gift of Animals

Animals are a very fascinating creation. When I think about the diversity of our Father’s imagination and creativity, I think about animals and critters of the sea! Wow! Can you imagine how much fun God must have had to say ok, let’s take this animal and give it an extremely long neck and this one an extremely long nose, oh, and let’s make this one striped and this one with dots. How about this fish orange and this one yellow, oh and this one can be blue and this one rainbow! Let’s put a hard shell on the back of this turtle and give this bunny a very soft nose. Let’s paint carefully around the eyes of this kitty cat and how about curling the tail on this piggy! Our Father went to a lot of work when He carefully created animals and it is His heart that people take care of animals. Nothing breaks my heart more than to see someone take an animal as a pet and confine it and not feed it or water it and chain it up for hour after hour after hour in the cold.  Truly as our Father says “A righteous person cares for the needs of their animal.” If you have animals, consider how you would want to be treated if you were one.  Animals sooo love their people – enjoy the gift given by our Father! He knew that animals would be a blessing to us in life. As we reflect upon being thankful, let’s thank God for our pets. How fun are they!!!

Proverbs 12:10


White Ape


Kitty in Hat




Chickens and Roosters


Baby Chicks


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