Carried by the Shepherd

Divine day greetings dear family! How blessed are we as children of God to be able to walk through life with Jesus! He is the good shepherd of all of us as His sheep, His children. He knows that without Him, that we are helpless and we are very dependent upon Him to help us through life and He promises that through our faith in Him that He will always be there carrying us through life forever! The way that He carries us is with underneath support of His wisdom, love and grace through His living Spirit within our hearts! There is nothing more special than to be held in the arms of Jesus and feel His love and affection for us all! He thinks each one of us are special!!! Now how awesome and sweet is that to ponder as we begin this day!!! I am excited to share His Word together with you today, but to start out our day, just bask in the love of Jesus for you right now. I love this song here by Third Day called Children of God. How exciting that the desire of King David’s heart is a reality today as he wrote of Jesus:

“Save your people and bless your inheritance;

be their shepherd and carry

them forever.”

Jesus went to the cross to bless us forever and make us His heirs. He promises to never leave us nor forsake us and He is always there to pick us up, love on us and carry us through all of life! Nestle in the love of Jesus for ya today wherever you are! One of the wonderful things about being close to Jesus is hearing His Words of Truth, love and wisdom that He imparts to us because He loves us! He is the Truth, the way and the life – only place to get Truth if we want to be wise in life! He created life, so He knows!!! Here is a proverb to ponder as we go through life today as His beloved children. Have a delightful day, knowing you are cared for and loved by the best!!! Blessed by the King with ya!!!

“Buy the Truth and do not sell it;

get wisdom, discipline and understanding.”

Psalm 28:9; Proverbs 23:23

Jesus the Good Shepherd

Jesus Carrying Sheep

Jesus Loves Kids

Image of God Hugging Son

In God's Hands

Just Trust Me



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