Calling Satan’s Bluff

Sometimes Satan’s way to blocking victory in life is through using fear. He can place thoughts in our minds of “what if” or he can convince a person that victory is going to be too hard and too costly to push for. Truth is and again I say Truth is “we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength” and when we call Satan’s bluff by pushing forward with God’s will for us, God is going to override Satan’s bluff. Satan is the father of lies, so don’t let him convince you of anything contrary to what God is asking you to do! Be strong and courageous! Go get life for Jesus and you will win over the enemy!!! A stop by the Lord or change of direction as yer going is by far better than a stop by Satan to stop the Lord’s victory from moving forward!!! Woohoo!!! Pushing for Jesus all the way and saying NO TO DEFEAT!!! BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS!!! TRUST JESUS!!! TAKE LIFE FOR THE KING OF KINGS!!!

Philippians 4:13

Fire Lion


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