The Height of His Love

Mid-day greetings precious saints! I’m a gal happy in life today and thankful for sooo much, but I want to encourage your hearts that in this world, there will always be times of troubles around all of us as people. No escape from that as long as that devil dude is on the prowl! Jesus told us that there would be days of trouble when He said:

“In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

What Jesus is saying is that even though there may be troubles, we need not worry because He has the victory for us as we look to Him! In other words, YIKES, but WOOHOO!!!

The Psalmist understood this when he wrote:

“For in the day of trouble, He will keep me safe in His dwelling; He will hide me in the shelter of His tabernacle and set me high upon a rock.”

The Psalmist knew that there was safety in the shelter of God’s loving Spirit and power to make a difference in times of trouble and that He was always with him! It made all the difference in the world from being down low in spirit and being set high in spirit upon a rock – that rock being Jesus! The Psalmist understood this when he asked himself in a time of lowness in heart “Oh my soul, why so disturbed within me, put your hope in God.” When we take our eyes off of Jesus, it brings a soul low. Truly there is peace, comfort, forgiveness, guidance, love and encouragement found in Jesus! Oh, there is nothing more precious than the love of God to cheer up a heart! Jesus understands your heart wherever you are at right now, saint! He gets you!!! He wants to reassure you that you are loved and cared for!!! I love this video here that talks about the importance of God’s love and how it blesses hearts as it shows His special love being reflected into the world through the love that a girl and her horse have for each other.  Sooo precious!!! Oh, we are all sooo blessed to have the love of Jesus as He speaks quietly and personally to each of our private souls and as He speaks through creation and through others into our lives!!! I have spent much time with animals this week and they are sooo loving and sooo appreciate love! That is a God thing!!! He shows us everyday how much He loves us if we look for Him in our lives!!! The world needs to see His love, so let’s keep going in ways of love, saints and stand high on the rock of Jesus’ love for you in all of life! His love is perfect, unfailing, unconditional and always there for you 24 x 7! Our souls can always find safety and shelter and a lift to divine heights in life through turning to Jesus who is our rock who is for us and has truly overcome the world! Take heart!!! Be strong! Enjoy His love for you!!! This is His promise to us as His kids:

“Never will I leave you nor forsake you.”

John 16:33; Psalm 27:5-6, 43:5; Hebrews 13:5

Little Girl WIth Horse

The Chosen


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