Resting in Grace for Loving

Hi, dear family ~

I want to talk with you tonight in follow up to my earlier post today regarding criticism to help keep Christmas cheer happening for us all! I have enough experience in life to realize that this is a good topic to keep in mind this time of year as people gather together in celebration! I believe it is an issue that everybody faces unless you are a person who never sees another person and I share these thoughts because I love ya and I want to share points that are good things for us all to keep in mind for victory in life! I talked in my last post about constructive criticism and tonight I want to talk about non-valid criticism. Sometimes people are right and then we need to accept and respect their coming forward with what is good for us and for our relationships to continue. Learning good things is good! We can move forward with gratitude for the enlightenment and with thanksgiving for our Father’s grace for us! Oh, I sooo love that!!! But sometimes, people are wrong! Because of insecurities, people can often tend to always think other people are right and they are the ones wrong. This is why it is important to take all criticism to our Father who has the correct viewpoint! If in question, seeking counsel regarding another’s viewpoint can be helpful and is Biblical! If our Father shows you that the criticism is valid, go with it and make changes to get on top of life! If it is non-valid, rest in the freedom of the knowledge of that and God’s grace for you! Do as Jesus guides you to do in the matter, keeping in mind each scenario can be different in how you deal with it, unique to the situation. What works in one situation may not be right in another. The important thing is to seek to deal with it in a Godly way.

We all have the emotion of anger! Anger in itself is not sin. God shows anger in several places throughout the Bible. Anger is an emotion that God has built into us each that is an indicator that something is wrong that needs to be resolved. Our Father tells us “In your anger, do not sin.” It is important to learn how to handle the powerful emotion of anger correctly. Taking time to cool off and reflect before speaking or acting can be a very beneficial thing to do and can keep things from escalating!  Often people say things out of their lack of full understanding! We all need light!!! Due to each person’s perception, inner struggles and battles with Satan, often what they really need is someone to just help them understand the truth in the situation, reassure them, sympathize with them, seek to understand them and love them. It is good to not take criticism lightly! Healthy relationships are important and resolution to problems is a divine thing! It doesn’t always happen, but giving it our best effort is a good thing!!! Jesus went to great efforts to reconcile us to our Father!!! Bless Him for His sacrifice and perseverance!!! Blessed kids are we!!!

Beware that there are overly critical spirits in the world — those who are continually criticizing and pointing out the failures of others without the wisdom, kindness and love of God. It is good for all of us to  talk to God about if any criticism is really valid before it is shared. A person who tends to be critical all the time, should ask God before criticizing if it is really needed or not.  If we are really struggling with bitterness, our Father tells us to get rid of it – that is a time to have a talk with Jesus, pray and move how He guides us to deal with it.  Godly counsel from other Christians is valuable if needed and timing of that is important! Our Father’s Word gives us a guideline in how to deal with sin towards us in Matthew 18:15-17.

Peace and love in relationships is very important! Amen? If you are one who has received criticism, I want to encourage you to deal with it correctly and do not allow Satan to use it in victory over you, saint! Look for the “nugget” of gold (the wisdom) and not a “loophole” for denial. Our Father says “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” Seek to work through matters with understanding towards ministry to the other person to resolve the problem and provide a solution to keep it from happening again. Our Father tells us “Make every effort to live in peace with all people and to be holy.” There are lots of people who need you to keep running, so don’t let Satan win out there – let Jesus win – be light!!! Focus on that point!!! Live and learn well from Jesus and throw off what is of the enemy! Jesus will give you the encouragement you need if you ask Him to help you. Much love to ya!!! Rest in grace, peace and love and have fun with people!!! They are a gift to us and our Father loves us all very much!!!

God Is Love

Loving God By Loving People

Heart of People

Ephesians 4:26; Proverbs 15:1; Hebrews 12:14 



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