Raised Up High

Where is your heart today, saint? My Father speaks to me today about the importance of reconciliation as a part of healing, rest and restoration.  Have you ever experienced a low place of discouragement in a relationship? If so, you can know that you are not alone, because even one such as King David did, who is said to have had a heart after God’s own heart when he wrote:

“I will exalt you, O Lord, for you lifted me out of the depths and did not let my enemies gloat over me.”

At some point in everyone’s life, there are disagreements. Jesus was perfect and even He had people problems! Imagine that!!! Even though Jesus spoke Truth as the best counselor of all, He was not able to do miracles in some places because of people’s unbelief in Him – they were blind to what they needed to see to have reconciliation. That could have been innocent “don’t get it” or it could’ve been stubbornness to change – the ole “don’t wanna!” Yikes!!! Whenever there is disagreement between people, it takes two to have the disagreement and when you love somebody, those disagreements can leave you with a sunk-low heartache that longs for reconciliation and newness in the relationship. If both people have a heart that desires to make a relationship work and they both want to meet to make it happen with Jesus in the midst, our Father can raise up the relationship out of the muck and the mire and set it upon solid ground again.  Oh, what a beautiful thing is that when it happens!!! To do so takes mutual communication, though and without it and without acknowledgment that the relationship is still wanted, it can be difficult to move forward. I know there is power of prayer in healing those difficulties in relationships. Praying, doing all you can to reach out and resolve the issue to the best of your ability, including seeking godly counsel if needed is a good thing to do!  Beyond that, often in the passage of time, people’s hearts can soften to the voice of our Father to bring reconciliation, as well.  Sometimes people just need time to ponder, soften and grow. We can know this – our Father is a God of reconciliation and He desires that we love one another as He has loved us. He is going to be working to help difficult relationships as He is invited in to help!  During these times, it is important not to cling to old hurts, but as we pray for those who have hurt us, ask our Father to show us the good qualities about them and pray for grace to see the other person through eyes of compassion and mercy. Try to put ourselves in their shoes for insight as to how and why they are upset.  Ask them to be specific and what they need to have victory in the relationship.  Share what you need to have peace. Seeking to work together for mutual agreement and peace is good! God can change hearts that are open to let love in!!! When hearts soften, the power of our Father’s Spirit can work love, forgiveness, unity and a future with victory stepping happening!  God can do miracles when our hearts are right with Him and we have let go of pride and stubbornness. As our Father says “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”  He asks us to submit ourselves to Him and resist the devil. Draw near to Jesus and He will draw near to us. The first step in seeing miracles of reconciliation is belief – getting our hearts right with God, taking ownership in our part of the problem, communicating, making apology for our own part and being willing to do our part to make the changes for newness in the relationship to take place. Oh, I’m a gal that sooo loves to communicate and work towards reconciliation with all!  Keeping going in life together as precious family is too beautiful of a thing to let fall away! Part of healing, restoration and good health is in reconciliation of hurt in relationships. What steps is our Father asking to be taken to make peace a reality where you are? Always open to that where I am! Love, grace and peace – gifts we should always have raised up high amongst us! Let’s go there always, not just at Christmas time, but all throughout the year!!! Love is always in season!!! Never let the devil win!!!

Love One Another

Psalm 30:1; James 4:6-7; John 13:34


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