Remembered By Love

Do you ever think about your life and ponder what you want to be remembered for? I think everyone wants to be remembered for the good things they have done in life, but who wants to be remembered for their sins? Yikes!!! I don’t know of anybody!!! Good news – from days of old, our God is a God of mercy and love and as the Psalmist wrote his heart’s desire before the Lord in His day, it is true today:

“according to your love remember me,

for you are good, O Lord.”

Psalm 25:6-7

For all those who have confessed their sins to Christ Jesus and have faith in Him as our Savior, our sins are forgiven!!! There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus! He remembers our sins no more!!! How Jesus remembers us is by His love that is unfailing and unconditional!!! Now how awesome is that, precious family? As King David wrote, the Lord is good!!! Let us give thanks for Jesus for His kindness to us as His kids and His extension of grace that loves us forever!!! Blessed kids are we!!! Have a great night. Jesus thinks of you with love for you!!! Me, too!!! May you find powerful confidence in knowing you have the love of Jesus in your life. Here is a song we can ponder! Love came down at Christmas!!!  Take in His love as you listen.

Heart of Christmas God's Love

Nothing Separates Us From God's Love

God With Us


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