A Life Above Reproach

Warm Idaho greetings to you, saints! While it is winter in Idaho, the sun is shining brightly and snow is melting. It is a beautiful gift of a day here! It speaks to me of the beauty of our Father who is perfect in all of His ways!

Glory to God in the Highest

As His children, it is good to be just like Him – above reproach! His ways are for our good and to help us love each other well. Part of living above reproach is to always keep in mind grace. 1)Nobody can live the Christian life without the divine help of the grace of the Holy Spirit moving in us to will and to act according to His good purpose. Seeking His strength and wisdom through prayer helps us live well. 2)Our Father’s grace in knowing none can live perfectly on our own, yet because of Christ He sees us as holy, blameless and without accusation, fully forgiven, fully accepted, complete in Him and new creations in Him. To live life best is to reap the benefit of loving others well, is to also love ourselves well and show love and respect for our Father who is sooo sweet to give us all things including life!!! Oh, sooo thankful!!!

Accountability To live a live above reproach is to bring glory to His name. Oh, that is sooo my heart, how about yours? How great is our God as this song sings out here

“Glorify the Lord with me; Let us exalt His name together!”

1 Timothy 3:2; Romans 3:23; Psalm 34:3

Above Reproach


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