Found By Grace

YESSSS!!! Grace has found us all, saints! The Apostle Paul wrote

“For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men (gals, too).”

Titus 2:11

That is a good thing, otherwise, we’d all still be living behind a bush, being antisocial!!! Yikes! That is what non-reconciliation does to people. When people can’t talk about difficulties together, they tend to avoid just like Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden when they realized they had sinned against God. Oh, it is good news that our Father is a God who doesn’t let relationships go! He pursued Adam and Eve saying “Where are you?”  Those are powerful words to consider asking someone whom you might have a broken relationship with. “Where are you in life? Are you ok? Can I hear your heart about this? How can I help you with this? I want to resolve this. I want to be us. How can we work through this? Can we get mediation help with resolving this?” These are some questions to ponder to ask someone who is hiding in the bush of broken relationship. When God asked the question “Where are you?” Adam and Eve explained the problem of how they had sinned against God and God worked with them through a mediator named Jesus to bring reconciliation to resolve the sin problem between them and that is why we have Christmas Day!!! Glory!!! Now that is a story that even makes a doggie’s tail wag!!! Oh, I love happy endings, don’t you?! Have you found God’s grace for you personally? Have you trusted in the mediator Jesus as your Savior from the wages of sin? God is pursuing you and inviting you to be reconciled to Him right now, this Christmas. If not, oh, please say yes to Jesus!!! It will bring much blessing to your life!!! I’m a gal celebrating that grace has found me!!! This song here speaks to that!!! Enjoy the love and grace of Jesus with us!!!

Grace Finds Me


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