The Opportunist


I admire Mary, Jesus’ mother and I chuckle at her as I ponder our Father’s Word tonight. She did an awesome thing at the celebration where she was at and I have to say I love her strategy! She is a gal after my own heart, after the heart of Jesus!!! Woohoo!!! As we participate in many upcoming celebrations this Christmas season, perhaps we can keep in mind her strategy in the midst of many around us! Oh, I get excited thinking about it!

Christmas Party

Here is what Mary did in a crowd:

Although Mary had other children, she knew she had a very special boy in Jesus, too!  While at a wedding celebration, when the wedding party had ran out of wine and was in need of more,

  • Mary was alert to the needs around her.
  • Mary talked to Jesus about the needs she saw.
  • She had great faith in Jesus to carry out divine things in life.
  • She trusted in Jesus to take care of the details of how to best handle the request that she pointed out to Him.
  • When there was opportunity presented, she pointed others to Jesus.
  • She did not tell Jesus what to do in her request to Him, she simply shared the problem with Him, not insisting on her own way.
  • She encouraged those around her to do whatever Jesus told them.
  • Mary must have known that Jesus was her Savior, too, because she knew that when there was a concern, Jesus was the source to go to and she had been told when Jesus was a baby that He would save people from their sins. She was a believer! Glory!!! I’m excited to meet her in heaven some day, aren’t you?

Jesus and Mary at Wedding

This holiday season is a great opportunity to share the reason for the season and Jesus is in the details!!!

Trusting in a World that Doesn't

I assume you know Jesus? Oh, if not, please get to know all you can about Him so you can be with us in paradise forever! It’s why we celebrate Christmas – He is our Savior born on Christmas Day! Christmas – it’s gonna be divine – and a great celebration! 


I bet there will even be plenty of the finest food and beverage that will be enjoyed in just the right quantities because Heaven will after all be perfect!!! The greatest part will be Jesus and all the people we share love and faith in Jesus with around us! Oh, now that all just makes me smile!!!

Perfect peace mind on Him

John 2:1-11


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