Grace Morning to Night

Well saints, our Father has us in His loving and faithful hands of grace tonight. It is a day that truly echoes what the Psalmist wrote of our Father who has everlasting life for us through our faith in Him,

“It is good to praise the Lord, and make music to your name, O Most High,

to proclaim your love in the morning

and your faithfulness at night.”

Well, our Father has been proclaiming His love to us all day with the start of the morning and His faithfulness is seen to us in that we are all still here tonight! His love and faithfulness is everlasting for us as His kids who believe in Him. I’m a gal wanting to praise His name with ya tonight, but other than playing music on a radio, CD or Youtube, I’m not the one to play the music as some are sooo talented to do so. Hence, here is a song that we can sing praise to our Father tonight for His faithfulness to us. Blessed kids are we to have the love of Jesus!!! Much love to ya’s as you rest tonight!!! I look forward to tomorrow with ya with our Jesus!!! It’s gonna be good!!! It’s gonna be divine because God’s got us in His loving care!!!

God Will Be there Tomorrow

New Every Morning

Steadfast Love


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