The Great Rescue Mission

We live in exciting times, precious ones!!! We have the opportunity to have Jesus living in our midst, in our hearts 24 x 7 and every second of all of that!!! Now how awesome, amazing and exciting is that miracle of the first Christmas ever!!! John the Baptist was one who was born right after Jesus, with the purpose in life to let people know that Jesus was coming upon the scene of life and was wanting to do a great work in their lives. John’s heart and advice to everyone was this:

“Prepare the way for the Lord,

make straight paths for Him.”

Matthew 3:3, 4:18-19

When Jesus appeared to His disciples for the first time, His invitation to them was:

“Come, follow me.”

His same offer is extended to each of us every second of that 24 x 7 time frame forever and as John said so many years ago, it is still true of what we need to do in order to do what Jesus said and that is to follow Him. I chuckle as I think about driving down the road of our lives with each of us holding on to the steering wheel of our lives when all of a sudden the vision of our Father’s need to get past us to lead us is seen, kind of like an emergency vehicle coming upon us with flashing lights!!! When that happens, it is an indicator that we need to pull away from the center of the path in our own vehicle and let Jesus take the lead to get where He needs to be. After He has the lead, we can move in behind Him. We need to always yield our vehicle (our heart) to His Spirit and the work that He wants to pursue. Oh, I’m a gal seeking to do so as I know His work that needs to be carried out in this world is the most important and crucial to good healthy life to each of us. Let’s keep watch for the flashing light of His Holy Spirit coming upon us!!! It is a beautiful sight and not one to be afraid of. His heart is for each of us to have perfect peace. I guess we could say He is a “peaceman.” 🙂 I’m sooo thankful He is leading, aren’t you?!!! His love and peace to you all your days of cruising life!!!

Police Lights

Peace Surpasses

What God is Doing Is Best


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