Yer A Well Thought of Saint


You, precious one, are the apple of our Father’s eye and His thoughts are always on you! As the Psalmist writes in these words below, they are true for you today. Our Father sees you in amazing ways as it is written:

“How precious to me are your thoughts, O God!

How vast is the sum of them!

Were I to count them,

they would outnumber the

grains of the sand.”

Psalm 139:17-18

Five on the Beach

“Many, O Lord my God,

are the wonders you have done.

The things you planned for us

no one can recount to you;

were I to speak and tell of them,

they would be too many to declare.”

Psalm 40:5

Many on the Beach

You dear saint, are always on our Father’s mind and He raises the moon every night so you can sleep well. It is His way of tucking you in for the night and in the morning, He will raise the sun for you to give you the light of His love again!!! Now how sweet is He to us!!!  The love He pours out for you every day is in ways that are beyond words – too many to declare, more than the grains of sand on a beach!!! Marvel at that one darlin’! Oh that just warms my soul to think about all those blessed ways my Father thinks of me with love.  We are never alone and He has given us His wisdom to show us how to love Him and how to love each other as we have fun and do life together!!!  Let us treasure the wonders of His love as this song says here and have joy in our world as we always have Him with us, even beyond Christmas!!! Like an evergreen tree that is always showing the color of life, His love for us is ever green (alive)!

Evergreen Tree



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