Anxiety Cured by Prayer

One of the great anxieties that I had as a mother of a young child was for her well being in life and that she would find the most precious thing in life and that was a personal relationship with Jesus to sustain her and help her in all of life. That is my heart for all of us saints and when any of us face anxiety, it is a great opportunity for us to exercise faith and put our trust in Jesus to bring the victory! He tells us to give Him thanksgiving in those times and to pray to overcome anxiety!!!! My daughter has a love for Jesus today and so does her husband and for that, I am very thankful! Unity with one heart, one mind, one Spirit connected with Jesus as their center is flat out precious and top priority in life!!! It is as our Father says of His wisdom in the heart of someone:

“How much better to get

wisdom than gold,

to choose understanding

rather than silver!”

Proverbs 16:16

From my personal experience, the love and wisdom of Jesus is beyond any riches this world can offer and in the end of this world, the only thing we can take with us is our faith in Jesus and His unfailing, unconditional love for us that says come into my dwelling and live with me in bliss forever. Our lives here on earth are short-lived, so let’s live our lives here for all eternity where our Father says there will be much reward for living life for Him here and now!!! Oh, thankful He has us in His hands, therefore no anxiety!!! In deed, His wisdom is beyond rich!!! Blessed kids are we to have His light of what is best! Got His wisdom where your heart is anxious? If not, seek it as He has your victory – ya just need to find it in Him and He says if you seek Him with all yer heart, you will find Him!!! Yer a rich kiddo with Jesus’ glorious riches of grace with ya working for you and your loved ones through faith in Him!!!! Jesus gives me such peace and always makes me smile! Seek Him for the same for you, precious saint!!!

Fight on Your Knees

Most Powerful on Knees

On our knees is not being legalistic, it is a symbol of being lowly in humility of heart in prayer out of dependance on Jesus for victory. Oh, it’s a beautiful stance to take in life if ya can and one that brings divine victory beyond oneself!

Plug in to Prayer

Goin and gettin’ life in prayer is a powerful thing!!!


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