Celebrate Goodness!!!

Celebrate God's Goodness

Yippee!!! It’s a new gift of today with Jesus, precious family of saints!!!!!!! We get to go through this day with this gift from Him:

“How great is your goodness,

which you have stored up

for those who fear (reverence) you

which you bestow in the sight of people

on those who take refuge in you.”

Psalm 31:19

“For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

Splash of Goodness

As children of the King, we are very blessed and have much to be thankful for in this life!

Fruit of the Spirit

If each one of us takes one minute and ponders the things we have to be thankful for, oh, it will have us celebrating life today!!!

Be Thankful

God’s grace and love and goodness is all around us, saints, and beyond what is right in front of us, as our Father says, He has great goodness stored up for us for our future, too!!!

Jesus Lookiing Over River

Woohoo! God is good all the time and all the time, God is good as this song says here!

God Is Good All the Time

Take any area of life where you may have a struggle and give it into the hands of our Father because He has the perfect plan at work for the good!!! Oh, I’m sooo excited about everyday life with my Father forever!!! It’s all gonna be GOOD life forever!!! Have a GOOD day with Jesus wherever ya are!!! Much love to ya’s!!!!!!!

Blooming Love


One comment on “Celebrate Goodness!!!

  1. allycarter1 says:

    Love your enthusiasm!

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