Not Shaken

New day greetings and much love to you, precious saint! It’s a powerful day for ya because through faith in Christ, Jesus lives in YOU! YOU are the worthy vessel that He has chosen to dwell in and He has confidence in YOU to carry Him into each special place He takes you so that He can shine His light in partnership with YOU with the very special and unique qualities of His workmanship that He has given to YOU personally that are different from anybody else in brilliant ways! His Spirit in YOU will enable YOU to do the divine and supernatural work that He desires to carry out in YOU, whether it is in sitting and talking with a friend, being a parent, a spouse, a leader, a servant, an athlete, or in stillness as He shares His heart with ya about plans for the future beginning with the first step for right now! The thing that will create a  problem in the greatness of all of this happening is if we as individuals chose to let the enemy speak lies into us to convince us otherwise and talk us out of being God’s partner in the world. Oh, don’t even go there, empowered saint of Christ!!! King David fought the enemy and won and this was His motto that helped Him to have victory:

“I saw the Lord always before me.

Because He is at my right hand,

I will not be shaken.”

Acts 2:25

Be Confident in Who I Am

After Jesus had left His disciples to take His seat next to His Father, He promised the gift of the Holy Spirit to each of us who have faith and this is what He said about us when we received His presence in our hearts:

“YOU will receive power when my Holy Spirit comes upon YOU and YOU shall me my witnesses…”

Acts 1:8

Blaze God's Love


God Is For Us


Sooo, with all of that divine ability in each of us, let’s open up our hearts and minds to His Spirit’s power to do the amazing supernatural things that our Father has confidence in each of us to carry out with Him in us into the world!!! Woohoo!!! It is gonna be a fun adventure watching Him gain victory through us over the enemy of this world!!! His whole angel army is backing each one of us!!!

Keep Calm and Call the FIre

Let’s go win!!! YOU’VE GOT IT THROUGH FAITH!!! Be confident in it!!! 

Spirit Puts Life into Us

Here is a song to help get our minds all fired up with the fact of the flame of His Spirit’s light and roaring power in us!!! YYYEEESSS!!! Our Father has made us each more than conquerors to carry out His plans for us with Him with us!!! Oh now that thought just makes me smile and feel sooo strong and courageous and victorious!!! YIPPEE!!!

Have a powerful day, saint!!!


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