Strong and Courageous

Stepping into life in this world today, it is our Father’s heart for us as His children to be strong and courageous – mighty saints!!!!!!! YYYEEESSS!!! We can do this, because through our faith in Christ Jesus, our Father is with us forever, who is all powerful and He is working good through all circumstances of our lives, therefore, we can step out into life confidently, trusting in Him!

God Is at Tomorrow

That is His promise to us in His written Word, and through experience in life, I see this is true in my life! It also builds my faith when I hear the stories of others who have faith and hearing how our Father has worked good through life circumstances in their lives, too! In ponderin’ keepin’ faith, these are all keys to keeping our faith that keeps us strong and courageous in life:

  • Stay close to our Father through prayer
  • Read the Word of God and hold to His promises and guidance to build yourself up
  • Interact with others who have strong faith and those who inspire you

God Most Important Relationship

The last point my Father brings to mind is that we all need to be people who share our faith and what God has done in our lives with others around us! We need each other and our Father!!!

Guys Helping Each Other

Oh, how exciting, precious and fun is that! I sooo love our family of saints and the sharing of divine stories of faith!!! In this way, we support each other as our Father tells us to:

“So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.”

1 Thessalonians 5:11

Our Father’s timing is perfect and I am still razzle dazzled by His incredible timing, preparation and arranging of circumstances that has led to answered prayer in my life and I am sooo thankful for the Word of God and the gift of you as my family of saints who inspire me with your stories of strength, courage, faith and deliverance!!!

Faith in God's Timing

In all of life, I know Jesus has got me in His all knowing, all loving and all powerful hands at all times!!! YOU, too!!!!!!! Oh, our God is good all the time and all the time, God is good!!! Let’s bless His name together for His faithfulness to us as His kids!!! He is mighty to save as this song says here!!! Woohoo!!! God with us, all things are possible!!!

All Things Are Possible with God

Keep and share the faith!!! Be strong and courageous!!! Much love to you where you are today!!! Power on!!! God loves you and is for us because

God Loves You

God Will Meet All Needs


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