Secure in Christ Jesus

Good morning, precious saints!!!!!!! I love the thought that our Father revealed to me today as I looked into His Word to begin my day with Him – the King of the Universe!!! I love riding through life with Him!!!

Sermon on the Mount

Oh, my Jesus just makes me smile!!! What a gift the gift of life is with Him and with it great opportunity! Hooray! A big smile breaks out upon my face as I ponder all of this! Oh, I sooo love the adventure of all my Father has for me because I’m a gal that knows that He loves me and He has great plans for my life with each second of every day! I appreciate what King David wrote so many years ago and His Words ring true to my heart today:

“When I felt secure, I said,

“I will never be shaken.”

Psalm 30:6

When you know that the all-powerful King of Kings and Lord of Lords is for ya, we can receive His wisdom and walk in it in full assurance that He is leading us in ways of victory – ya win always with the true best in life forever and ya know He has your back always!!!

Fight Satan

Jesus Hugging Girl

He is our mighty warrior and enabling Spirit within us through our faith in Him that makes us more than conquerors in life!!! He wants us to be confident in this and that is why Jesus was always telling His people “Do not fear.”


Now how awesome is that peace from His Words to carry with us all through life!!! Secure and strong in faith in the One who cherishes me and you is the mindset I choose to carry with me today as I learn and step through life with Him with ya all!!! How about you?!

God Always Has Something For You

When we are secure in Jesus and our heart is at peace, our words and actions towards life interactions with our Father and others reflect it. Let’s claim the powerful life of God with us and rebuke that devil dude when he seeks to shake us up. We can just say, God’s got me in His hands and therefore, I will not be shaken!!!

The Devil Doesn't Know What to Do

Woohoo!!! Thankful!!! Here is a new powerful song to bless our day that confirms our Father’s Words to us!

“Cast all your cares on Him, for He cares for you.”

1 Peter 5:7

Future is Secure


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