A Sonshine Day

It’s a Sonny day where I am today, beloved family, because the face of Jesus is shining upon us and when you see the face of the Son, oh there is nothing that blesses your life more than that! His face shows up in sooo many different places all around us! Here is one example:

Light of Jesus Shining Through

I want to encourage you to look for His face shining upon your life today – count your blessings and all the ways our Father’s grace is evident in your life! When you see His grace in your life, take it as our Father’s smile upon you! He sooo loves you and has good plans in store for you – you can trust in that for sure!!!

Smile of Jesus

Face of Jesus

Face of Jesus Shining Through

When you see the face of Jesus, oh it just gives ya all kinds of encouragement and hope and the knowledge that there is victory in life!!! I’m a gal smiling and strong in the love of Jesus with me today!!! Claim His love for you today, too, precious saint! Jesus longs for you to know His love for you and He has made it evident all around us – do ya see it?

Light of God Shining

Oh, when the Son is shining, I can do anything!!! Let’s live it as this song says here!

“Let the light of your face shine upon us, O Lord.”

Psalm 4:6

“For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11


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