The Treasure Within

One does not need look far to see the treasure of our Father with us today! He is living smack dab in the midst of our hearts through faith and hence, the good news of this day is that we do not need live life with out the presence of heaven with us for one single second! Oh, now that is something that I am very thankful for this day because when you have a taste of the goodness of Jesus in your life, you just want to have Him with ya all the time! That is what the crowd discovered according to the Apostle John who tells the story of how the crowd reacted that had gathered around Jesus when He fed the 5,000 and they realized that He had left with His disciples in a boat! Bless their hearts, as they longed for the presence of Jesus and so what did they do? They got in boats and went in search of Him!  This story is interesting to me for these reasons:

  • the people realized their lack – where there was something missing in their life that they desperately needed
  • they reached the answer to what they needed and that was Jesus
  • they went where they thought they could find Jesus – they sought Him out
  • because the people sought Jesus, they found Him! YAY! I love happy ending stories, don’t you?! But beyond just finding Him, they were blessed in their finding of Him for this reason:

Jesus honored their search for Him and rewarded their finding of Him as He revealed to them the Truth of what they needed to have life to the full. This is what He told them:

“I tell you the truth, you are looking for me, not because you saw miraculous signs, but because you ate the loaves and had your fill. Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you. On Him, God the Father has placed His seal of approval.”

John 6:16-35

Jesus knew the people’s past and what it was they needed to hear. He saw that they were seeking things of the world to satisfy their lack and hence, He identified their further need of Him on a deeper level and He gave them the solution for them to have victory in forever life and be at peace – full and content forever! Now how right on is that?! Yeah! Go, Jesus!!! Jesus desires to do the same for each of us and this is His promise to us:

Search For Me and FInd Me

So, how does one find God?

  • Slowing down enough in life to realize He is a good thing to seek after when you are hungry and thirsty in life, both physically and spiritually.
  • Taking the steps to find Him through prayer and Bible Study with quiet reflection and asking other believers that you know what they know about how to find Jesus.
  • Listen for the voice of Jesus.
  • Find the blessing of living out what He tells us.

Finding Great Treasure

Seeking Jesus is a treasure and upon faith, we don’t need look far to find Him as His presence is right within our hearts! Never will He leave us nor forsake us! All we’ve got to do is talk to Him and listen to Him!

Searching For God with Bible

This we know – when we seek to embrace the presence of Him in our lives:

“Blessed are those who fear (reverence) the Lord, who find great delights in His commands.”

Psalm 112:1

Christ is My Treasure

I agree with this song here as we walk through life. Let’s keep seeking Jesus for the most precious life of all – a love relationship with the One who loves us enough to be found and share victorious Truth with us! What blessed people are we!!!!!!!

Trust God to Care For You

Two Guys Treasure Hunting

There Your Treasure Is


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