The Heavenly Feast

Gathering Manna

“He rained down “manna” for the people to eat,

He gave them the grain of heaven.

Men ate the bread of angels;

He sent them all the food

they could eat.”

Psalm 78:24

Victorious day greetings to you, beloved family!!!!!!! This is a day in which we get to see the glory of Jesus!!! How awesome is that?! We have a Father who desires to reveal His divine being in the midst of His people! That would be us!!!!!!! Now how blessed are we in that! It began in a Garden, was presented before His people in the desert long ago and now He continues to open the doors of heaven and fill each of the hearts of those who trust in Him with the great feast of heaven’s provision in the here and now!

 God Gives Us What We Need in Time

Our Father desires for each one of us to see the greatness of Him at work in and through us and around us as we journey through life here on earth!. His heart is that we have life to the “full of heaven” and that we see the love He pours out upon us each day to care for us! His Spirit dwells with us upon belief in Him and as we take in of His Spirit and His food for thought, the Bible, we will have life filled to the overflowing with heaven’s blessing! He tells us in His Word that we can trust in Him to meet all our needs just as the early saints did!

If Only I already

 He sends heaven’s blessings to us and as it falls upon us, we as His kids can each work to gather it and share it so that all are cared for well! Now how sweet is that! Our Father is relational and it blesses His heart to bless His kids in just the right ways and see them relating well to each other and helping each other in life!  Our Father is a family man through and through and all of the saints of the world are His family forever! Let’s take in all the blessings of heaven with gratitude and as He desires, put it to use and share some too so that as we all do, none have lack! Oh, everybody smiling and happily cared for, now that is a beautiful picture of heaven and it starts with me and you and Jesus in it, too! Cock-a-doodle-do! It’s a new day rising up full of great opportunity and I’m as excited as a rooster about joining with my Father to live life as He has given to us all today!

Rooster at Sunrise

Let’s give thanks to our Father for His heart to send heavenly blessings upon us as we seek Him, knowing He longs to bless us!!!!!!! He is all that we need as this song says here. Hmmmmmmm….pondering how to best bless Jesus back in life for His kindness to me! Sooo blessed!

God Provides


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