Yay! It’s the First Day of the Week!!!

Thank God it’s Monday, precious family of saints!!!!!!! So often folks who work during the week, live for the weekends to live life without their main job or school. Sometimes people work over the weekends and rest on Mondays, picking up on Tuesdays as a new week.  Whatever your schedule, as you begin a new week, I greatly appreciate the perspective that Mondays or the first day of the week back is a blessing! They are great because of these reasons:

  • The journey through life is an exciting new adventure and journey – as much fun as arriving at the destination of the end of the week!
  • It’s opportunity for a fresh new start as past mistakes can be corrected this week. We have new chances to do what is right!!! A reminder of Christ’s grace for us!!!
  • We can write on a clean sheet of paper the things we want to accomplish for this week!
  • We can dream new dreams and goals!!!
  • We get to enter the arena of new life with the thrill of new action!!!
  • It is new opportunity to help others! The greatest joys in life come to us when we are seeking to bless others as our Father says:

“Those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.”

Proverbs 11:25

Making Moments Matter

It is great opportunity for each one of us to have opportunity to encourage, strengthen, counsel and lift someone else! It is the day we have the opportunity to put into action what Jesus has taught us all and experience the joy of being able to add to the blessing of those our Father has placed around us! Now how awesome is that saints!!!

Working Hard for God

Have a great Monday and a great week as it is a new day of opportunity to enjoy the gift of life and be an awesome YOU as only YOU can with Jesus with ya!!!

Business Card

Much love to you all!!!


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