Heart Roots

Fruit Banner

Approaching a new day with good intention is on my heart today, family!!!!!!! As I ponder that, my Father brings to my recollection the importance of having a heart in line with His so that His best intention for me and for you in our lives, is what pops out to bear fruit in our day! Some seek to just be fruit pickers in this life and some seek to bear as much fruit as possible! It is a heart issue!!!  What is the intent of a heart matters. Here is a short little video clip that says more about that!

As we begin our day, we can know that it is the heart of Jesus (His intent for us) to bring our Father glory as He says:

“This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.”

John 15:8

Bearing Fruit For God

Nothing gets me more motivated and inspired in life that to bring my precious Lord glory for His great heart of kindness, love, grace and victory for us all in life! He sooo blesses us as His kids!!! When God’s purpose is discovered in our lives, it’s much easier to do His will because we want to do His will with the great passion that He puts in our hearts to carry it out!!! Woohoo!!! It’s a let’s go attitude that wells up in ya!!! 🙂 The fruit of the Spirit should be our key to effective fruit bearing and not a heart feeling forced to do something our heart isn’t in to!

Fruit of the Spirit

That all begins with us keeping our relationship right with God, keeping our lives disciplined and with all our strength fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives and that includes pacing our lives with rest and taking care of our bodies! We cannot bear fruit alone. Our Father says “apart from Me, you can do nothing.” We all need our Father who works in us to will and act according to His good purpose!!! To bear much fruit in life, it is important to let our Father prune off any branches in us that are a hindrance to our fruit bearing. Pruning is the price for production and we can trust our Father to care for us in the very best divine ways!!! He is our good Master Gardener!!! The first victory that great saints of the past won was the victory over themselves!!! If our intentions in life are to make our lives count for our Father’s Kingdom, having our hearts constantly and strongly rooted in Him will make a fruitful life all possible and it will bring with it growth – stretching and branching out in new ways that is oh sooo exciting for us!!!

Fruit Tree By the Water

Got yer roots grounded in Him, dear ones? If so, let’s go with joyful hearts with divine intention for Jesus!!! Oh, that thought just makes me smile!!!  Branching out with ya’s!!! 


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