The Leading of Yourself into Life

Good morning, beloved family of saints!!!!!!! Because of our Father’s mercy and love upon us, He has raised up the sun and the Son to give us the much-needed light that we need for going into the world today!!! Blessed kids are we!!! This morning I have been reading about Peter and I applaud his courage and leadership. Peter is the Apostle who had at one point in time denied Christ three times due to fear, but now in the story of Acts, after having spent time with His beloved Lord Jesus, he was all inspired and en”couraged” up to go into life, carrying forth the heart vision that Jesus had given to him on the beach where Peter had taken the lead of a few others to go fishing after Jesus’ resurrection. In seeing His Lord there, he made the decision to dive into going with Him into life and oh, there was definitely something “fishy” about that encounter with Jesus – it got Peter all inspired to go make fishers of men (gals, too)!

Peter Going to Jesus

Oh, I sooo love that “let’s go make a difference” attitude!!! Peter caught the vision after they had finished eating a fish breakfast, when Jesus asked him three times if he loved Jesus more than others and Peter answered three times,

“Yes, Lord, you know I love you. Yes, Lord, you know I love you. Lord, you know all things, you know that I love you.”

Jesus then said to Peter “Feed my sheep.”

John 21:15-17

Well, those were the empowering words that put the “get up and go” into Peter and when the promised Holy Spirit came upon Peter, he took off as an empowered courageous leader that is seen making a difference in the first book of Acts when he stood up in the midst of the other disciples and took the responsibility to seek the Lord’s replacement of Judas Iscariot so that there were twelve disciples as Jesus had intended for there to be. Somebody had to take the lead to get things going and Peter was the man with the call to take responsibility in getting the vision of Jesus carried out. I love the words that describe that moment in time “In those days, Peter stood up…and said.” Because he did, Matthias received his call into the world as the number twelve disciple for Jesus!!! The divine plan was put into place!!!

In application of this story, where and how is our Father calling you to take a lead in life, saint? His Spirit with you will empower you and guide you in each step to do what He is asking you to do, just like He did for Peter.

Holy Fire

God Will Guide Your Steps

Each one of us in life have a call to leadership from time to time in various ways. The first step begins with realizing that the highest priority of leading well is leading ourselves personally and the first priority to that is listening to the Greatest Fisherman of all who is also the Good Shepherd. He is the One who has the vision that He can give to each one of us personally for how to lead the way for others to know Jesus!!! That is the great vision for everyone who calls Jesus Lord!!! Oh what a privilege and honor it is for all of us to go tell others of our great Father who loves us with unfailing, unconditional love and who is sovereign with a perfect plan of love and peace and victory forever for each one who believes in Him!!! Oh, I’m all fired up with the power of Jesus to go through my day!!! My Father has a way of lighting a fire in my soul that can’t be put out just as this song says here!!! It all started with the fire that cooked the fish for breakfast for Peter and Jesus so many years ago!!!

Jesus With Fire

Cooking Fish

Are you on fire for Jesus? If so, fan the flame of your gifts and let’s go make a difference for our King today!!! Woohoo!!! Oh, that thought just makes me smile!!!

Spirit Blaze With God's Love

Woman with Fire in Hand


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