The King on Display

Greetings from Idaho today, saints!!!!!!! Wow!!! Our Father’s heart to me today is one of worship and lifting our Mighty King on high as we step into life today! As we breathe in life today, let us seek to take in the fullness of His incredible grace that is upon each one of our lives – oh, what tongue can recite the magnitude of how our Father has blessed each one of us individually!!!!!!! Amen?!!! He has given us His written Word that we may know of His great love and promises and power for us!!! I read the Psalm of David who wrote many years ago:

“I rejoice in your promise

like one who finds great spoil.”

Psalm 119:162

Jesus Holding Light

He laid this song here on my heart right away today and I love how it brings out these things about our King:

  • He is love
  • He is power
  • He is our shield
  • He is our defender
  • He shines light
  • His mercies are tender
  • He is our maker
  • He is our redeemer
  • He is our friend
  • He is majestic splendor
  • He is alone is our matchless King

Truly our Father is matchless but we are made in His image and His Holy Spirit lives in each of our hearts through faith to empower us up this day to go into the world and shine as lights for Him!!! Now how awesome is that precious family!!!!!!! Oh, I’m all fired up!!! Let’s let our tongues recite as He empowers us to tell of His glories and wonders and His might!!! Let us put action to our feet to go tell others about His great love and plan for all people and how He has personally blessed us as His children in this world that they may know that He is a personal God who desires a personal relationship with them as well and that He has divine wisdom to help them through life victoriously!!! Let us sing out loud our praise of Him and let’s let our lives sing out of Him as we go through this day focused on Him all the way through!!!

Worship Its all About Him


Worship As A Lifestyle

We can be lights for Him confidently because He lives in us, has gifted each one of us uniquely and He desires to speak and work through each one of us as He tells us in His Word:

“For it is God who works in us to will and act according to His good purpose.”

Php 2:13

Power of God

In so doing, He says we shall shine like stars in the universe as we hold out the word of life! Let it be said that we did not run or labor for nothing. but that we went through this day for our King!!! YEEESSS!!! We can do this, saints, because Dad is with us and He is for us and He is powering us up for victory today!!! As we step into life for Him today, it is a spiritual act of worship of Him who has given us life!!! Let’s make it count for Him and add His value to others around us as He gives us opportunity and guidance!!! He lives in us to help us step by step!!! How is He laying it upon your heart to make a difference today?

He Will Make A Way

Spirit of Living God

Have a powerful day with a heart of thanksgiving, courage, peace and love!!! We are blessed loved royal children of a matchless King who lives as close to us as possible (in our hearts) and He sooo deserves to do life with us!!! He is our forever God!!! Woohoo!!! Let’s pray, ponder and go family!!!!!!! Lead on sweet Jesus!!!

In God We Trust



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