Stepping For Victory in Life

Divine life is happening all around us today, dear family, and we are experiencing it miraculously moment by moment!!!!!!! Just the fact that you are able to read this requires sooo many divine miracles to happen that we couldn’t possible begin to count them or name them all and I praise Jesus with you for each one!!! Let’s face it, life is just one great big HUGE mass of revelation of our Father’s tremendous power, wisdom, love and care for each one of us!!! Blessed kids are we!!!!!!! We are living because it is our Father’s dream for each one of us and as part of that, our Father has an individual dream for each one of our lives!!! That is very exciting and as we realize what our “sweet spot” dream is for our lives, where we are working within our passion of heart and in our strengths, it benefits each of us as we dream big and step out to live our dreams – the vision of our Father for our lives.  Here are some ways that we benefit in so doing:

  • Kept focused – our passion for the realization of our dream keeps us going
  • Stretching – our dream challenges us and stretches us from our comfort zones to keep up with our dream
  • Sacrifices – our dreams can have high prices and we learn what it means to sacrifice to achieve a worthy cause. Our dream doesn’t come to us, we must go to it
  • Perseverance – our dreams happen when we don’t give up, but persist for victory
  • Attracts other winners – others who have a heart for winning desire to work with others who have a winning mindset
  • Dependance on God and others – We learn we must have the courage to depend on a faithful God and we realize how valuable the help of others are in reaching a dream

Nick Vujacic

Nick Vujicic – Author of the book Unstoppable and world-renown motivational speaker. He models


Wow!!! With our Father with us, we are unstoppable!!! We can do all things that He calls us to through Him who gives us strength!!! Nick’s life speaks volumes to this!!! If our Father calls us to it, He will see us through it!!! This is a healthy mindset for everyone because it leads us back to God:

Thankful for Struggle

Faith Hands

So often when we think of dreaming, we think about how we want it to benefit others, but in the process of the stepping out to do so, we find out that our lives individually are blessed along the way!!! How awesome is that?!! Oh, when we all work together, we all win, win, win and that is very exciting to see in life and it is the very heart of our Father who desires us to carry out His will, His plan and His purpose for each of our lives, too!!! We don’t have to do so to have our Father’s love beyond our faith in Him, but we get to partner with Him to do something worthwhile in our lives!!! It is living beyond just existing!!! I love that thought!!! So let’s keep going with the dream our Father has laid upon each of our hearts, saints!!! Wooohooo!!! May your dream come true as you keep seeking it!!!  Jesus set the example for us all and He now enjoys sweet victory because He modeled the above!!! A divine dream is well worth pursuing!!! Rock the world with the dream Daddy has given to you!!! It all starts with our personal relationship with Him!!!

“For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose.”

Philippians 2:13

Live your dream!!!

Dreams Can Come True

Seek God's Will

Our Father will reward each of us for what we do in life as He says:

Your Work Will Be Rewarded

Let’s keep traveling the road to victory together, family!!!!!!!


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