Valued People

I’m a gal valuing life today with each one of you valuable saints, family!!!!!!! Our Father sees us with tremendous value and has therefore raised up the sun to give us a new gift of today!!! Today has value to each one of us as we step into life!!! Each one of us is special equipped from birth in how each one of us was created to add value to the people around us today! Value – there is much to ponder in that word and it begins with valuing our Father and His great love for each one of us.  He is a holy God of perfect love, all-wise, all-powerful and fully committed to us as His kids!!! He has done much to add value to each one of us as His kids!!! He tells us in His Word that each one of us are fearfully and wonderfully made and gifted in our own special ways to add value to others, but He values each one of us beyond anything we can ever do. We are each one of us individually truly His Masterpiece and workmanship, but this is how we know He values us just for who we are as His kids:

Whoever Believes

John 3:16

Saved By His Grace

Ephesians 2:8

You Are Loved and Valued By God

Seeing that our Father values us and that He is a value to us, the second step to adding value to ourselves is to see ourselves as valuable and having something valuable to offer to the world! Seeing ourselves as the divine Masterpiece and workmanship that our Father made makes a huge difference, so we each need to claim that in our individual lives!!! We are awesome in value and to be of value, we need to make ourselves valuable to others! They need each of us to be what our Father intended us to be in their lives!!!

Kitty Looking into A mirror

Psalm 139:14

Our Father can guide each one of us individually with His powerful Holy Spirit living in us as we first seek His Kingdom and adding value doesn’t need to be a huge production – it could be, but the little things in life mean a lot! Maybe it is just fixing someone around you a cup of coffee as they begin their day!!! Serve it up with a smile!!! Show them they are loved and valued through the little things!

Coffee Machine Adds Value

Have a Smile Day

To be willing to add value to others, we need to see others as valuable and worth the sharing of life with!!! When we see people as valuable just as we ourselves are valuable to our Father and His equipping of each of us to love others, we can pursue making ourselves more valuable to the people around us! Now how exciting of an adventure is that for each one of us to have in life!!! Wooohooo!!! Being on the watch and listen for our Father’s voice and opportunity to bless others is a divine treasure hunt for each of our days as long as we have life!!! Life is not about the doing, just taking care of details. Life is about doing the details for taking care of the people!!!

Taking Care of Your People

There is a HUGE difference in our mindset towards why we do what we do everyday! When we value people, knowing them and relating to them based upon what they value gives us clues as to how we can bless them – how we can add value to their lives! Oh, I just love that thought of having fun in life blessing others, don’t you?!! Let’s all step into life as the valuable people we are for our very valuable Father for His very valuable people in this world!!! As we all do so, it just makes a world full of all the glorious riches of our Father’s Kingdom!!! It makes for a pure gold life!!!  Have a divine day and know you are loved and valued and valuable!!!


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