Beyond Us

Beyond the night of rest, we have a fresh new start of life today, beloved saints!!!!!!! As we journey through this day, we can continue to find rest (peace) because He who has given us the gift of this new day is with us and sustaining us because He is beyond us!!!! Amen?!!

The Universe

Emmanuel God with us

Our sweet Father is sooo supreme in His power and His wisdom and His perfect love that we could not even begin to take a breath without depending upon Him to help us!!! We are at His great mercy, but we can rejoice, because through faith in Christ, we have a beautiful love relationship with the God of the Universe and while He is beyond us in His greatness, He does not want to be beyond us in relationship, but rather right smack dab in the midst of us, indwelled permanently within each of our hearts!!!

God In Heart

His desire of heart and His plan is that we will be with Him forever!!! Oh, our sweet Father is just precious to us, huh, family?!! We cannot do without Him!!!

Love in Sky

Even though our Father is beyond us, He is with us in heart to empower us and enable us to journey with Him through life, partnering with Him to do divine beautiful things in the world around us to bring the blessing of Him into view before others!!!

God WOrks THrough us

Our Father puts the razzle dazzle in life as His power works through His people to reveal what is beyond us to show that He is amongst us and living in us with us all.  In summary, the God who is beyond us is within us empowering us to live life beyond us. His beyond us is not beyond us, but in us!!! Oh, I’m a gal sooo thankful for that, aren’t you?!! Enjoy the journey of life with our Father with you today!!! It is a gift beyond words to describe!!! It is just divine, hence, we have a divine life, everyone of us as His kids!!!

God WIth Us

Divine Energy - Version 2

Let us all be thankful and joyful to have such royalty and majesty living with each one of us every second of every day for forever life!!! Blessed royal kids are we all through faith. Oh, how He loves us just as this song says here.  Our lives all are the overflow of His grace – His love and kindness and empowerment to us to share His greatness within us with others!!! Let’s do that – share Him beyond us!!! Bless Him!!!

To You WIth Love


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