Putting Our Heart Into Life

My heart is full of excitement in having a new day of opportunity to walk through life on this earth with sweet Jesus with us together as family, precious saints!!! How awesome that we can partner up together to bring heaven into this world for our Father who wants to work through each of our vessels to add the beauty of our Father’s love, grace and wisdom to light up the world around us!!!

Hands of Commitment

Yaahoo!!! Oh, it’s gonna be fun!!! Our Father always takes us on the best adventures with Him on this journey called life!!!

Rowers of Commitment

Having a heart of commitment is important in life, though, because if one’s heart is not into what they are doing in life, it makes a huge difference in our ability to do what it is we are trying to accomplish and do it well. Commitment shines to the world that we have conviction and determination!!! It inspires and attracts people!!! It reveals to others that what we are attempting to carry out is of great value and a benefit that they should have in their life, just as we do!!! Here are some thoughts about commitment to consider:

1) Everything in life does not have to be perfect in order to step out with a heart of commitment towards a vision or goal. Attitude and perspective can greatly influence if we see life as perfect or not!!! Is there somewhere that a new attitude is needed to step out with more commitment??? Jesus can help with that to help us see things in heaven’s light and bring help where it is needed. Because we are in the hands of Jesus who is perfect love, wisdom and sovereignty, we can trust that life is perfect in His care!!! He is always working good through all things for us!!! Perhaps Satan is the one who needs to be kicked out of a situation. Rebuke him and claim what our Father has for us, saints!!!

2) Action shows commitment to what we want to accomplish in life!!! If we have a heart for something, we can’t just wait for it to come to us, we must go to it to accomplish it!!! It is easy to say words, but harder to walk it out!!! Commitment of heart inspires action!!!

3) Obstacles may pop up along the road to victory and it is important not to let them stop the vision or accomplishment from happening!!! Yikes!!! Oh, keep going, saints!!! Push for the victory!!! Commitment of the heart is the enemy to the enemy of resistance!!! It is the serious promise to press forward ho!!! To reach our goals or vision for life, it takes heart commitment that says “By darn, I’m gonna get there, no matter what!” Oh, now that thought just makes me smile and inspires me to keep going towards my goals in life and the dream my Father has given to me!!! The Apostle Paul had this mindset when he said:

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 3:14 NIV

Our Father has already given us the prize of Him as our Savior and the gift of salvation and He says He will reward each of us for what we choose to do to bless others!!! How sweet is He to us!!! He’s a good Daddy to us!!! Oh, I’m sooo thankful the Apostle Paul pushed onward despite challenges along the way!!! My life is blessed sooo much because of that!!! In application to all of this, I ask you as I ask myself, what do I really want to do in life? What is important to me? What am I committed to?

Commitment to the Couch

Running at Daybreak

What is my Father laying on my heart to do in life? What is my passion of heart? What are the obstacles I need to have Him remove to help me get there? What action steps do I need to take to get there? As we seek our Father, He will guide us in these answers, Hey, do you know why the chicken crossed the road??? 

Chicken Crossing the Road

Because it was determined to get to the other side!!! It wasn’t chicken – ha, ha, ha!!! 🙂

What was Jesus committed to???

A Word of Commitment

The heart of Jesus is committed to each one of us and His heart is that each one of us love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength as He is the best thing for us in all of life!!! He loves each one of us with unfailing, unconditional love and we can rest in His loving grace as sufficient for our salvation that is our ticket to heaven!!! Blessed are we!!! I sooo desire that the whole world has what I have – all the fullness of the riches of who Christ Jesus is and what His love adds to my life!!! I love this song here that talks about how precious our Father’s love is for us!!! Have a divine day and know you are loved very much!!!


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