The Inner Voice of Truth

I am delighted to be walking through life this day with our Father and each of you today!!! I find that to begin my days with a heart of thanksgiving does much to set my mood for the day!!! That is in keeping with our Father’s heart that says if we offer up to Him our hearts, give to Him our anxious thoughts and spend some time pondering with Him what we are thankful for, then we can walk away from that conversation with our King, resting He has things handled and we can be thankful for what we have!!! Good perspective is cultivated when we spend intimacy with our Father and He can give us perspective like nobody else can because He knows of all the intricacies of our personal lives!!! How blessed we truly are in life to have such a personal relationship with our Lord!!!

God Speaks to Those WHo Listen

Having good discernment or intuition is good in life, it is valuable and here are some tips to ponder that help us bring about the results that we need in life:

1) When we look at our past experiences and reflect upon them, we can learn from them and that becomes wisdom that helps us discern present and future steps.

2) Learning to look for the root issues in areas where we need to make decisions and discover the best solution based upon the root issues.

3) Learn from others that have shown good discernment – Godly character and wisdom is valuable as it is rooted in our Father’s wisdom!!!

4) Seeking our Father through prayer invites divine revelation that is of the supernatural beyond our thinking.

5) Study reliable resources that can provide good insight. What does the Bible say for one!!! Truth is not contrary to the written Word of our Father.

6) What are the circumstances around you saying?

How To Hear God

7) Listen to your heart – what is the inner voice of our Father saying to you after taking all of the above information into consideration!!! Our Father gives us intuition!!! It is the ability to read what is going on and what the best way to handle it will be with the supernatural awareness that is revealed to us by the voice of God.

How awesome is it that our Father desires to speak to each one of our hearts personally!!! His voice in our life is the most important thing that we can listen to!!! Make some time to hear our sweet Father as He can help us like none other – it will be the divine best way for us and oh, why would we want to miss out on that?!! Nobody else can give it to us – we each much cultivate it ourselves!!! There is an enemy in life that likes to speaks lies and mislead us too, but the voice of Truth (God’s Truth) His intuition to us tells us the best story as this song says here! Time spent in intimacy with our Father is the best time one can spend!!! Don’t miss out on it, saints!!! Nothing is worth missing it!!! Have a divine day and know you are powerful with God in you and you are loved very much!!!

Voice of God


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