Treasure the Divine You

You are special to our Father and to this world, beloved family!!!!!!! That is the message that our Father lays on my heart this morning as I have sought His heart!!! I love what He says in His Word here:

“What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.”

Matthew 10:27 NIV

Our Father has made each one of us oh, sooo divine and special!!! He says we are each one fearfully (reverently) and wonderfully made!!! He has equipped each one of us with divine features and equipped us each one uniquely and divinely like none other!!! How often in life, people compare themselves to others and see the unique divine in others and automatically discount the divine that lives in themselves!!! Yikes!!! Let’s not do that to ourselves, saints!!! It is important in those dark moments that we hear our Father’s heart about ourselves and what He tells us in His soft whispered voice of love is what we need to speak over ourselves and put out into the world in the light of day!!! Let us proclaim His divine work in each one of us from the rooftops and go into the world confident with who our Daddy has made each one of us uniquely to be!!! If we are focused on being the divine person our Father has created us to be, we won’t give the enemy in life the time to convince us otherwise!!!

God In Man

Girl in Light

Kitty Sees Lion

I love what Jesus told Peter on the beach the morning Jesus fixed Peter breakfast and asked him to follow him in life and Peter turned around and asked the Lord about another following Jesus. Jesus said:

 “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me.” 

John 21:21-22NIV

Jesus is our source of light and Truth, precious saints!!! Stay focused on His voice over you and let’s keep the enemy out of the picture of our individual confidence in who our Father has created us to be!!!

God Reaching Out to Ear

Holy Spirit In You

Each one of us is oh sooo awesome and our individual unique qualities are much needed in the world around us!!! Go be the wonderful you our Father has created you to be!!! Oh, I am sooo excited to see wonderful YOU!!!  Here is a song that we can reflect upon that speaks about how our Father is our voice that we each need to hear in life!!! Let’s stay close to the One who is our source of Truth and love!!! Much love to you wherever you are!!! Be the divine you confidently!!! 🙂

Seeing the Divine In You

Angel You


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