The Gift of “Shakin’ It”

Did you ever receive a gift in life that you are anticipating seeing what is inside of it, but you are needing to wait for just the right moment to open it up and so while you are waiting, you shake the box to see if you can figure out what it might have in it??? Oh, ya get sooo excited about seeing what is in it knowing that someone has chosen something special to give to you!!! How fun!!!

Girl with Glasses and Present

Well, that is what our Father has gone and done through our faith and personal love relationship with Him, He has given us a very special gift that is His Holy Spirit placed right inside our heart and upon us as the finest of divine royal attire and it is a gift of His power that shakes about the change from an old sinful nature into a new creation of Christ in us!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Now how fancy of duds (clothes) are those to be able to wear today!!! Gals and guys alike will razzle dazzle with those garments of grace and righteousness and power of God upon each of us!!! Whistle, whistle, whistle!!! Looking good in the eyes of our Daddy – He sees us as perfect, without blemish, without accusation and with no condemnation!!! 


One of the other exciting things about this special gift that our Father has given to us is that just like the surprise gift I mentioned earlier that you may have received in the past and are very curious to open and see what is in it but you need to wait for just the right moment – the same is true with the Holy Spirit’s power and work in us, through us and around us!!! Our Father does not always tell us what He is going to do until it is time for it to be revealed, so it’s a constant state of excitement going through life with our amazing Daddy!!! Oh, He always makes life sooo fun and interesting!!! This we can know – everything that He does is divine and good for us, so we can just go through the day with a great big smile!!!

Kitty Smile

Kept by Power of God

If someone asks us what’s happenin’ in life, we can just say “Daddy’s shaken’ it for us in perfect divine ways today!!! YYYEEESSS!!! He is like moving through this day all about awesomely with perfect ways for all of us!!! Wow!!! Our Daddy really knows how to shake about a change in us when we go from unbelief to putting our faith in Him and every second thereafter, He is always a shaken’ us to move with Him everywhere He wants us to step just as this song says here! Is ya ready to get a move on with our powerful Daddy as He says:

“For it is God who works in us to will and act according to His good purpose.”

Philippians 2:13 NIV

People Twisting with Light

He’s our sweet leader leading the way and to that I say “shaken’ it here with ya, Dad – wherever you go, I’m going with your power and confidence!!!”



Shakin' Up with Light


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