Jesus Stepping

Yippeee!!! It’s a new day of opportunity to follow our King today, family of saints!!! Where He goes, I go, where He stays I stay, when He moves, I move, I will follow as this song says here!!! When you are stepping through life with Jesus, it is one exciting adventure every day!!!  

Follow Jesus

Wooohooo!!! Each step where He goes before us is a power step with His Spirit empowering us with each move He has us make!!! I chuckle as I can envision Him stepping ahead of us, then empowering us to step in where He has left His footprint for us to follow so that it is kinda like this:

He steps, zap, we step!!! He steps, zap, we step!!! He steps, zap, we step!!!

Empowered by the Holy SPirit

Oh, it is such a razzle dazzle experience all along the way of forever life following Him!!! Zap stepping with our King – seeing where He goes and all empowered to follow as He guides is a powerful experience – one that will surely leave you buzzed!!! Wooohooo!!! If He has us stepping fast where He goes, we could say it is “zap dancing?!!” Oh, now that thought just makes me smile!!! Love stepping with my King!!! Have a fun divine day stepping where He leads you, today too!!!

“You will receive power when my Spirit comes upon you; you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.”

Acts 1:8 NIV

Child Following Dad


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