The Divine Connection

Connection – it is what life is all about as our Father intended for us, beloved family!!! Our Father is a God of relationship and He created us to love us and because He desired to have a people to call His family and children of God we are – co-heirs with Christ in all the glorious riches of our Father’s forever Kingdom!!! He sees the value of each one of us in life and His heart is to have personal connection with each one of us individually!!! Now how awesome is that and how sweet is our Father to see each one of us individually and desire to spend time with each one of us divinely!!! As we connect with Him, divine things happen as in the example of when Peter went upon a rooftop to pray:

1) Peter was drawn to find a solitary place where he could be alone with our Father

2) He prayed to his Father

3) He had revelation from heaven for him personally that the Lord used to help him and others

4) The Lord revealed opportunity and His desire for Peter to go make a difference in the lives of specific people

5) The Lord sent an angel to a specific man as He prayed to the Lord, moving him to seek Peter out

6) The Lord empowered Peter to speak what the man and his people needed to hear

Hence, we can learn from Peter’s example to us that when we make connection with our Father, divine things happen!!! Wooohooo!!! How exciting is that, precious saints!!! Let us guard our quiet time connections with our Father as they are sacred and helpful to hearing the voice of our Father to us beyond distractions!!!

Plug Into the Power of Prayer

Our Father tells us to “follow Him” and He would not say that if He was not going to lead us!!! To be led, we need to look to and listen to our Great Shepherd so that we are divinely connected and led with His voice of victory!!! Jesus always leads us in triumphant procession!!! How can you find some solitary time with our Father, saint??? It is precious!!! Jesus set the example to us as He sought His Father. To do so, He sought out solitary places to be fed by the voice of His Father He sooo needed and craved!!!

God Hears Prayer

I love this song here that welcomes our Father’s Spirit into our lives!!! It is a great way to prepare our heart for our connection with Him. Let us cherish the sacred moments in life with our Father because they are divine experiences beyond anything in this world!!! Nothing is as special as the voice of our Father who loves us!!!

God You Have Called Me Friend

Acts 10


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