The Love of Jesus on the Move

YIPPPEEE!! It’s a brand new day, family and our sweet Daddy has dove into our hearts through faith to empower us for living today!!! His love in us is on the move through us, blazing the trail of adventure for us each individually to follow!!! He wants each one of us to be His Ambassadors of heaven, a vessel through whom He works to share His light, love and power thru to all those He puts around us along the journey!!!

Horses on the Trail

Oh, it’s gonna be fun and it makes a difference in this world!!! More live here!!!

Two Horses on Road

I’m a gal fixing my eyes on Jesus as He leads us all into the world that has great need for Him!!! WOOOHOOO!!! I’m all excited about being Dad’s child with Him with you all where you are on the trail of life!! It’s gonna be a divinely powerful victorious day because Dad is fighting for us, lighting up the Kingdom all along the way and pushing back darkness as this song says here and oh, that all just makes me smile!!! Much love to you all as you ride a long with Dad leading us!!

Jesus riding7

My Eyes Have Seen

Well, precious family, our eyes are seeing the creation of a brand new day raised up by the power of the God of the Universe who loves each one of us uniquely and individually!!! Each one of us have a personal story of faith in Jesus just as Peter writes in the Bible:

“We did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of His majesty. For He received honor and glory from God the Father when the voice came to Him from the Majestic Glory, saying, “This is my Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased.” We ourselves heard this voice that came from heaven when we were with Him on the sacred mountain.” 

2 Peter 1:16-18 NIV

The personal witness of divine things in our individual lives is a powerful part of faith!!! We can all read our Father’s Word, but we each have powerful stories that bring encouragement to others in having faith!!! I want to encourage you to share your personal experiences with others, because they are inspiring just as the stories that we read about in the Bible of how Jesus took care of His saints then!!! What is a faith experience that you can share???

Several years ago, I was asked to drive a motorcycle from a campground where I was camping to another location because it would be easier than loading it into a truck and so I agreed to do so. I had ridden the motorcycle around the campground and felt comfortable with the idea, hence, I set out to make the trek. WOOOHOOO!!!

Cat on Motorcyle

I traveled through all the city stops and traffic just fine and when I got outside the city, driving through the desert, I was doing fine – going up hills and down them, gaining speed as we left the city limits to a higher rate of speed suited for wide-open space travel. As my speed got up to around 40 mph, I came to a turn and as I turned the handlebars on the motorcycle as I had done before, it would not turn in the direction I wanted to go, but kept growing closer and closer to going off the edge of the road into the desert. YIKES!!! I kept trying to turn the bike to make the turn and I had resolved in my mind I was not going to be able to stop soon enough to keep me from going off the road. I screamed out JESUS!!! It was at that instant that I recalled being told that if you are ever going to go off the road, you want to endeavor to steer into it and not be tempted to hit it and try to overcorrect back onto the rode as you can roll. Therefore, I set my mind on turning the bike purposefully into the bar pit and at that very instant, the motorcycle turned away from the edge of the road and I was able to make the turn in the road just fine!!! GLORY BE TO JESUS!!! When I reached my destination, I told the story about what had just happened and I was told by an unbeliever “I thought you knew how to ride a motorcycle!!!” “Everybody knows that when you want to turn a motorcycle that you turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction you want to go.” “Really,” I said. “I did not know that,” I said, while thanking Jesus that He knew just what to do!!! JESUS – There is power in that name!!! Sooo thankful there is!!!

Cat On Motorcyle 2

That is just one of my many stories of faith!!! He is always close to us as His kids!!! Keep close to Him who loves us and share your faith stories!!! God is REAL!!! Reflecting upon the power in the name of Jesus today with this song here.

Celebrating Jesus

Childlike Faith

It’s a good day today, sweet family!!! We get to walk through all of life today with our Father and we as His children of faith!!! In Matthew 18:3, Jesus says we need to change and become like little children (trusting, not obstinate, stubborn or unyielding). As I have pondered that, I envision a child standing before her daddy, learning how to walk. The daddy is holding his arms of love out to the child and asks her to take a step towards him. He encourages here to come to him, assuring her through his words that she can do it!!!

Girl Walking

The child wants to trust her daddy and wants to be obedient. Sometimes though, she is unsure – scared. She doesn’t know if she can do it. Sometimes she cries because of fear and tiredness from trying. But her daddy’s voice gives her strength to keep going!!! Her daddy knows until she reaches him, it is important for her to keep going so she can grow, develop and be all she can be. He knows each step is important to her future. He helps her to stand and he encourages her to keep taking the next step until finally she reaches him and together they experience the joy of her reaching the goal!!! They embrace and laugh together and she hears her daddy’s words of praise “Well done, my girl, well done!!!” As I thought about this child, the realization came to me how this vision fits our everyday lives. Like the small child in this story, we are all the children of God the Father thru faith in Jesus and He sees each one of us right where we are standing in life!!!

Boy Walking

As our sweet Daddy, He encourages us to keep taking steps of faith until the day we reach the finish line where He is. Imagine His loving embrace and how wonderful it will be – how joyful it will be to share laughter with our Daddy!!! I can imagine the celebration!!! WOOOHOOO!!! The Apostle Paul reminds us in Hebrews 12:2 to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. Jesus knew how hard it was to keep taking steps of faith  – He endured the cross based on the encouragement of His Daddy’s voice and the joy He had to look forward to when He reached the finish line!!! Paul says to remember this so we as kids don’t grow weary!!!

At times, like a child taking steps to our Daddy, we too may get scared, confused and unsure. We may doubt our ability. We may get tired and want to stop. At those times, we need to listen to our Daddy’s voice to find hope and strength to keep going!!!  Isaiah 40:29-31 says: Our Daddy gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary and young men stumble and fall, but hose who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, and they will walk and not grow faint!!! Romans 15:4 tells us our hope is found in our Daddy’s voice – His Spirit and Scriptures!!! The questions are: Are we listening? Are we looking at our Daddy? He is calling to each of us to trust Him – to come to Him!!! YYYEEESSS!!! Let’s do it – go to where our Father is asking us to go!!! I would like to encourage you where you are standing in life right now, please don’t stop there, but keep taking those steps of faith!!! We’ll all be sooo glad we did when we finally reach our Daddy!!! Oh now that thought just makes me smile!!! I sooo love doing life with you all as my family with our sweet Daddy who loves us with unfailing, unconditional love and who is always for us!!! Never will He leave us nor forsake us!!! I love this song here that talks about us as the children of God!!! Divine walking to you all wherever you are!!! Love life with sweet loving Jesus!!!

Children with Jesus

Loved By the King

Jesus is everything that is of true love to us precious family, because He IS love!!! Love comes from God!!! This is how God showed His love among us:

“In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent His one and only son into the world that we might live through Him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.”

1 John 4:9-11 NIV


Jesus Hugging Girl

 As we begin this day today, let us begin it by resting in the fact that our life is all about the fact that God loves us!!! That is the most important thing for any of us to ponder today!!! There is nothing we have done or can do that will cause our Father to love us any more than He already does through our faith in Him as our Savior!!! Let us rejoice over the fact we are so genuinely and deeply loved forever without anything that we have done or can ever do but believe in His love revealed on the cross for us!!! Through faith, you are perfect just as you are!!! Me, too!!! Have a day full of His love for you!!! I love you, too!!! Love this song here!!!

Daddy Hugging Man


A Recipe For Life

New day greetings to you, dear family!!! As we begin a new day, I reflect upon the words that the Apostle Paul shared with the Colossian leaders. He brings out some good thoughts to keep in mind as a recipe for going through life. Just as with physical food, every day can have different recipes that can be put together by the Master Chef Holy Spirit for us to partake of as spiritual food for living!!!  So we can consider these ingredients written for Colossian Pie with the help of the Holy Spirit for you personally. 🙂

Chef of Your Life

Here is Paul’s recipe ingredients to mix into our life as Father guides us:

  • Seek to be right and fair in our dealings as we each like to be treated also
  • Be devoted to prayer
  • Be watchful
  • Be thankful
  • Pray for open doors for the message of Christ to be proclaimed clearly
  • Be wise in how we act towards outsiders
  • Make the most of every opportunity
  • Let our conversations be always full of grace, seasoned with salt to know how to answer everyone
  • Pray for us that we may stand firm in all the the will of God, mature and fully assured.
  • Complete the work we have received from the Lord. (Not for salvation, but because we want to out of love for Christ and others.)

Paul concluded his writing with “Grace be with you.”  I sooo love Paul’s heart that desired to see us prosper in life that He shared good insights from our Father to help us walk wisely through life, but He always reminds us to see ourselves through our Father’s eyes of grace for us!!! That is the spiritual dessert that we all enjoy, but just like with physical food, we need a healthy balanced diet and can’t always just eat dessert without the meat, fruit, vegetables and whole grains, too!!! Sooo, consider this recipe as Father guides you as the Chef of your life today.


How is He guiding you to creatively cook with these ingredients and serve them??? In it all, happy cooking in life with Dad and enjoy that grace dessert in a nice healthy proportion!!! Oh, that all just makes me smile as Father worked with me to cook this up today!!! Thanks for the generational recipe that you handed down to us Paul – it has fed many over the years and it’s still being used today!!! 

Cooking God's Way

Much love to you all, family and sooo proud of you for cooking in life for Dad and others!!! 🙂 YUMMY!!!

Colossians 4

Holy Revelations

Beautiful new day greetings to you, precious family!!! The first view I saw this morning when I opened my eyes was the beauty of our Father’s sunrise and oh there is nothing like the beautiful reminder to start your day than the awesome God of the Universe is looking over you  and taking care of you in life!!! Amen?!! He is eternally victorious and nobody can do what He can do!!! He is “set apart” from us as humans, in that we are limited on our own, in fact, helpless on our own because we are dependent on Him for everything!!! Whenever we have an encounter with our Father – His presence in our life that brings revelation from Him to us is to receive from Him that which is holy or pure!!! Our Father is perfect and when He speaks to us, we should see that place of intimacy with Him as holy and reverence Him with awe!!! He told Moses and Joshua at times of His revelation to them that they should remove their sandals because the place where they were standing was holy!!! So whenever we are in a place of receiving our Father’s revelation, so should we realize what a precious experience it is to hear personally the “pure” voice of the God of the Universe speaking to us!!! Let us always remember how truly blessed we are to have a personal relationship with our Father as we seek His wisdom in life!!! Oh, I sooo love having our Father open my eyes to His revelation to me each day!!! It is truly holy ground and precious because He speaks what is pure through His Holy Spirit and His written Word!!! I love that thought of pure revelation to me in personal relationship with my Father and you have the same, dear one, as you draw close to hear Father’s voice for you!!! Let’s us always hold that privilege as sacred!!! I worship our King this day with this song here!!! Let us praise Him for revealing His pure heart to us each personally and corporately!!! Blessed kids are we!!!

Outpouring of Spirit

Jesus Healing Blind

Girl WOrshipping

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.”

Revelation 4:8NIV