The Heart of Praise

Oh, I woke up this morning to the sound of singing birds!!! It was such a delightful sound and as if they were singing out in praise of the gift of our Father’s provision of a beautiful new day of life in which to have opportunity to experience fully the presence of our Father all around us and in us, His anointing and blessings upon us and opportunity to share Him in our journey!!! How awesome that He is big enough and divine enough that we can all share in His love together!!!

Every Breath

Wooohooo – He is enough for everybody every second of day and night to help us through all our day in divine ways unique to each one of us!!!

Daddy Hand

Oh our Father is truly worthy of praise as He is good all the time and He is always working to lead us with His wisdom, love and grace!!! I conquer with the Psalmist when he wrote:

“How lovely is your dwelling place,

O Lord Almighty!

My soul yearns, even faints,

for the courts of the Lord;

my heart and flesh cry out 

for the living God.

Even the sparrow has found a home, 

and the swallow a nest for


where she may have her young–

a place near your altar,

O Lord  Almighty, my King

and my God.

Blessed are those who dwell in

your house;

they are ever praising you.”

Truly how lovely is our Father’s dwelling place that is His presence in His creation all around us and in YOU and me, precious saint!!! We are His dwelling place through our faith in Jesus – His Holy Spirit lives in us!!! YOU are lovely, divinely created by the same God who created the Masterpiece of creation around us!!! YOU are His Masterpiece and me, too!!! His presence is like nothing else in all the universe – it is sacred, holy, peaceful, full of His wisdom, grace, power and perfect unfailing love for us!!! He is what each of our hearts desire most in life, so no wonder we find such relief there in His presence!!!

It is interesting that birds build nests high up in the trees – could it be they want to be as close to His heavenly presence as possible??? They sing with such joy!!! I love their cheery songs!!! Our precious Father is close to us no matter where we are at every moment of this day!!! Now how blessed are we to always have the fullness of all that He is with us all day long. Oh how He loves us and oh how we need Him as this song says here.

Jesus With Us

Stay close to our Father’s love and fullness of presence with you today, saint!!! It is the most precious thing about today and He will guide us divinely through all the details of life as we look to Him for guidance!!! Peace to you!!! Know you are loved and a saint that is valuable to our Father and to the world around you!!! Shine Him as His holy, righteous, royal, fully equipped with His Holy Spirit child that is powerful to make a difference where you are!!! You are where you are for a divine reason!!! Wooohooo!!! Enjoy the fun adventure of life with the King today!!! I’m gonna, too!!! Where’s He leading you???


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