Peace and Righteousness

It is a new day of opportunity to hang on to the righteous right hand of our Father who loves us as His dear children and walk through life learning from Him today, precious family!!! How fun it will be to see where all our Father leads us in the adventures of today!!! Having a teachable spirit is good because by it our Father says there is blessing:

“This is what the Lord says–

your redeemer, the Holy One of Israel:

“I am the Lord your God,

who teaches you what is best for you,

who directs you in the way you should go.”

Isaiah 48:17-18 NIV

Now how sweet is our Father to want to teach us for our best life!!! He is a good Daddy!!! YAY!!! GO DADDY!!! Keep teaching us as your kids!!! Our Father says that when we pay attention to what He teaches us, this is how we are blessed:

  • Our peace is like a river
  • Our righteousness is like the waves of the sea – growing

Isaiah 48:18 NIV

Our Father already sees us as righteous through our faith in what Christ did on the cross, but if we listen to our Father’s best for us, we grow in good ways!!! Now how awesome is that, beloved family!!! I get excited about growing more like Jesus because He is all that is good and right and of love!!! Teachability is an attitude, a mind-set we carry with us wherever we go and in whatever we experience!!! When the wise learn, they get wiser still and that just brings us blessing!!! I am thankful to have learned that our Father loves us with unfailing, unconditional love and that His wisdom is our guide in life and it is our peace in life!!! I’m a gal going for His peace like a river like this song says here!!! Blessed are we to have such a wise Daddy who is always teaching us as His kids through all of our life experiences!!! As we reflect upon our life experiences, what new thing is He revealing to you to help you have His peace and best life??? It is His love for you and for me!!! Peace and love to you, precious saint!!! Have an exciting adventurous day of learning in life with Dad!!! You are in divine, loving care!!! Me, too!!!

Love of God


God Gives Us What We Need


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