The Greater Power

Good morning, beloved family!!! Each one of you is sooo dear to me and our Father and He sooo delights in journeying through life with us and IS with us each one as His Spirit has indwelled us upon faith in Him!!! Blessed kids are we!!! He stands at the door of every heart and knocks and when we open the door to our heart to Him, He enters upon our faith in Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for all our sins!!!

Christ Has Us

This is what He does for us:

“…you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Acts: 1:8 NIV

Power of the Holy Spirit

Power to Bind The DevilWe have the divine power of the God of the Universe living in us to enable us to do life victoriously and our Father is always near us – He’s in us!!! He promises never will He leave us nor forsake us!!!

God Is For You

WOOOHOOO!!! Let’s conquer what is of the enemy of our lives!!!  As His children, one of the enemy’s greatest tactics is working through life being too busy to be able to slow down enough to sit and hear the voice of our Father speaking to us. YIKES!!! It can be challenging to find time alone to pray, listen to His Spirit, read His Word and reflect upon it for our lives, but it is key to walking through life in the power of His Spirit and can make all the difference between hasty reaction and responding divinely!!! Breaking away to reflect calms us and empowers us!!!

Father Calms the Storm

Power of Prayer

Jesus sought solitude with His Father!!! How can you break away to find time with Him, precious one??? Pausing from activity to reflect gives us the greater perspective and insight we need for life!!! Let lesser things go, delegate what you can to have solitude, work together as a couple if you have kids so that you can have some solitude!!! Get up earlier, carve out a time slot during the day – everybody’s life rhythms are different so finding your own time break will be unique!!! Whatever it takes to be spiritually fed in the midst of life is essential to having a powerful life with Jesus in you as this song says here. Getting good rest is important, too!!! Go for it, precious family!!! Jesus needs to be our priority over all of life!!! Father’s love to you all wherever you are in life!!! Love this thought here:

Ant Carrying a Load


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