Loved By the King to Love

Good morning, family!!! It’s a lovely day here in Idaho this morning and I’m beaming with joy because of our sweet Daddy’s love for us each one oh sooo cherished in His love and grace!!! Our Father created us to love us and to have connection with us each in a personal love relationship and He continually pursues us in life just as He did Adam and Eve when they were hiding in life because of their embarrassment over their sin. Oh, we all struggle with that and we are all forgiven through our faith in Jesus!!! That was a big issue for them, but was not one that our Father let stand between His relationship with them and He worked with them to restore their relationship!!! Wooohooo!!! I love that reconciliation heart about our sweet Daddy!!! Our Father says that as He has loved us, so we should love one another and unless a relationship is hopelessly abusive, it should be our goal in our relationship with our Father and each other as His kids!!! Love is sooo beautiful and it is what every human heart desires as our Father says:

“What a man (gals, too) desires is unfailing love.”

Proverbs 19:22 NIV

Heart of People

Our Father is the only One who can love us with perfect unfailing love, but His Spirit lives in each one of us upon faith in Jesus as our personal Savior and His Spirit empowers us to know His love for us and He empowers us to love others!!! YYYEEESSS!!! LOVE POWER!!! LOVE THAT THOUGHT!!! POWER ON DADDY!!! 🙂

Blaze God's Love

Because everybody desires to be loved, connecting to share our needs and also be considerate of others’ needs is a balance and an important one because can you imagine if every person only sought to talk about themselves or sought only their own love needs??? YIKES!!! If that were the case, relationships would not have close connection!!! All people desire love and have an invisible sign around their necks that say “make me feel important,” and oh, each one is important to our sweet Daddy!!! Our need for love is often manifested in this way: when others are talking, people listen to others speak while silently thinking:

“I am loneliness waiting for a friend.”

“I am weeping in want of laughter.”

“I am a sigh in search of consolation.”

“I am a wound in search of healing.”

“If you want to unlock my attention, you have but to convince me you want to be my friend.”

Hence, when we can help people to understand that we genuinely care about them, we open the door to connection, communication and interaction. We begin to create a relationship. And from that moment on, we have the potential to create something beneficial for both individuals, because good relationships usually lead to good things: ideas, growth, partnerships and more. AND our Father says “…whoever refreshes others will be refreshed” and that is a blessing of blessing, too!!! Sharing our hearts, hearing the hearts of others and loving the hearts of others with the love of Jesus – oh, it just makes for love for everybody!!! YIPPEEE!! People live better when they care about one another as this song says here. WOOOHOOO!!! Given all of that food for thought, POWER US UP DADDY!!! THANK YOU FOR LOVING US AND REASSURING US OF YOUR LOVE FOR US SO THAT WE CAN LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!! Oh, that thought just makes me smile!!! 🙂 You are each one oh sooo special and I love you all tons and tons and tons!!! Have a love full day!!! DADDY LOVES US WITH UNFAILING, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOREVER!!! YAY!!!

“…As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

John 13:34 NIV

Hands Connected


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